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Light - Gun

I remember a game we got with a lightgun (think it was the Golem ware)
There where two games with this gun one of them was The Master of the Town, which we released after making it playable with mouse. (Switch release)

The other game looked like Space Harrier. By then we tried to crack it for release, but the tracks it was reading where very short, to fit exactly into the memory-space which was reserved. Later some cracker from Legend looked at it and also he confirmed that it was not possible to convert the game to normal tracks because of the memoryspace. The game itself was on a non protected disc and the datadisk was in a weird short track format. We fixed the game so that it was playable with the mouse. But i never saw a cracked or original copy, wondering which game this was. After a few months we decided to mail the discs to Quartex, but the we never heard anything from it anymore, Who knows the name of the game and if here is a copy from it somewhere arround. Later we released the music from this game on a music compilation and mentioned it as a unreleased game.!


It was a Golem ware light gun.

By then it was not to copy because of the weird format of the second data-disk (just like Sports and WorldwideHunting)

I found somewhere:

Um die Daten des Games auf eine Diskette zu bringen, kam ein spezielles Diskettenformat zum Einsatz mit welchem pro Spur mehr Daten als mit dem Diskformat des AmigaOS geschrieben werden konnte. Dies diente gleichzeitig als Kopierschutz. Weil mit dem Diskcontroller des Amiga auf Bit-Ebene von der Diskette gelesen werden konnte, war es möglich jedes beliebige Format zu schreiben und zu lesen.


member of: Random Access later Switch (and much later Magical on console)

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Maybe it is one of these games?
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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
Maybe it is one of these games?
No to bad, i already saw them, no its a space harrier look alike, and it might be unreleased so it was in this box by mistake because i never saw it again inside the box of the Phazer, allthrough it was a lightgun game
UPDATE: the lightgun was from Golem Ware -> the released game was: Master of the Town

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