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Mediator 4000Di

Got my mediator 4000di from Elbox yesterday, and since then have been struggling to get it to work.

My system has a 030 25 MHz with 2 + 16 mb ram.16Gb CF card, and a LG DVD drive.

I have OS 3.9 with boing 1 and 2 + WBClassic installed.

I installed the software on the CD,

The cards I have been trying to install is Raedon 9200 256mb, spider 2 usb, Adaptec 2940UW pro card and a network card.

I also tried a Soundblaster card, but discovered that my card is a Audigy2 card, and that is not supported.

I'm uncertain if the network card is supported, but I have a number of them, and hope 1 of them works. So I have ignored it until I get the others working.

So what have I tried:

After installing the drivers/programs from the Mediator CD, I ran the MedConfig.

Don't seem to do much except make a file in ram: . No idea what to do with it, but saved it on the CF.

If I take the Raedon first

Installed Graphic_install under Graphics & Fast Ethernet. Used Picasso96 on OS 3.9 cd-rom. Tried to go a little further, but stopped when I read the instructions again that I must update to version 2.1b.

Did so, and continued on.

Struggled to find out where Board type was, but found where I think it is at right clicking the Raedon in devs/monitor, and select information -> Icon (in case someone else has the same question one day). Changed it to Raedon, and saved.

Where it stops for me, is when you select Picasso mode under prefs. Under settings it says " not attached : village-48". If I right click and select attach setting to, I get "no board". I should be getting "Raedon".

So it's gone wrong somewhere.

Speder 2 USB:

Downnloaded and installed Poseidon, and when doing so chose to install all "devices". Copied the spider.device to Devs:USBHardware, and opened Trident in prefs, and pressed all offline.

Opened a shell window, and wrote "AddUSBHardware Devs:USBHardware spider.device 0" and got "adding hardware Devs:USB..... , unit 0 ..failed"

Same result with 2 and 1 as well.

Adaptec: Downloaded driver, copied it to Devs: . Rebooted.

Connected an old HDD, and it fired it up. Tried HDtoolbox put didn't get detected. I use scsi.device 43.24 modded.

Do I need a seperate scsi driver, or doe

s scsi.device also support scsi devices, and not only ide.

I have a GVP accelerator in one of my A1200, and there I use gvpscsi.device.

When using SysSpeed -> Systeminfo I do under Boards get 2 lines with Elbox-computer with adress 40000000 and 60000000 respectively. So it does detect something.

So this is where I'm stuck., so I hope someone can help.

PS. If I get this to work, it's the first time in my life I have a computer where the graphics card has more ram than the system
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1) Medconfig sets the ENV variables for amount of graphics memory, type of NIC and other settings.

2) Radeon: rename the monitor file to Radeon as well an in info change board type to Radeon. Reboot and let LoadMonDrvs install the Radeon card. Now in the Picasso96 folder the is a debug folder that will check on the presence of the card. If it shows up then all is well. If not then either it is not plugged into the socket or some other hardware problem exists. If it does you should be able to attach it to the Picasso program and set up screens.

2) The other cards use the graphic card's memory (1 MB) as a hardware buffer -- the DMA kludge that is talked about. So no graphics card = no other cards.
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1. I ran this from the cd, and it stored info in ram: . Where do I place it so it's useful.

2. File in Devs:Monitor is already changed to Radeon. I also changed the name in info.

Just rechecked, and I had spelled it Raedon instead of Radeon.

When I rebooted, hte program in Picasso96 debug folder did find a card, and I could change to Radeon in settings.

When I tried to change any settings however it is "rginking" for a very long time.

The amount of memory hasn't increased either, but that is what the Medconfig.

So all I need now is to know where to put that file.
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After running checkboards under picasso96/debug in shell in stead of 2xclick on it, so I can see all of the output, I get some strange results:

Board 0: Radeon
Chip: 3dfx Voodoo
Dac: 3dfx Voodoo (internal)

<some memory settings>

Memorysize: -16368

So somewhere there must be an error in some of the settings.
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Another thing I forgot to mention.

According to MedConfig I should add the line

"C:cpu nodatacache" in 'S:startup-sequence'

If I do that os 3.9 won't boot properly, and try to reset workbench, that it fails to do.
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