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Populous install on cwb or a1200 3.1 UAE

Hi, first post...

Am using latest winuae and whdload. I've made a setup and hd install of wb3.1 as per gaag and also downloaded one of the classicwb setup/install packages.
No problems so far with this, and managed to start a llamasoft game - revenge of mutant camels fine with a install from whdownload. Next, I've been trying the populous install but it's driving me nuts - the best I can get is for the game to begin on the cwb but am unable to call up the menu, just get the credits rolling unless I hold the mouse button, but there's no cursor.
On the setup I've made (picasso96, newicons, etc.) the game starts with no dos error messages (solved those) but the screen goes black then returns to or reloads workbench straight after.
I've tried starting the game from various adfs from the net but these are dodgy, it seems.
There's loads of suggestions about these kinds of problems, but which problem is causing populous not to load, with either classic wb or the green alien setup?
I've tried loads of config combinations, but the install only asks for an a500 rom etc.
Could this be related to using the wrong rom in either UAE or the kickstarts folder?
I have several for 1.3 and 3.1 with various names such as (!), (b), etc. Are they encrypted, I've heard that mentioned. If buying them would solve this I would, but I'm not sure this is the issue.
Or is it something to do with too much ram, or too fast a setup?
Populous 2 seems fine, as does police quest, but not the original with extra levels.
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R.I.P Smudge 18-08-16

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Im pretty sure the kickstart needs to be in Devs:kickstarts and named kick34005.a500.

You will also need the kick34005.rtb file.

edit: just noticed the rtb files are already in devs:kickstarts
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Yeah, the kick34005.a500 (rom) file and the kick34005.rtb files are there in both setups, in a devs:kickstarts drawer. Just wondering if the rom is incompatible with whdload, as it came from a torrent. Although I would think they're just the cloanto files.
The rtb came from the 346stick thing, as per usual.
The other possibilities, as its just populous, not populous 2 and other games, is its something about the game not liking the a1200 config I'm using...
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R.I.P Smudge 18-08-16

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Populous works on the default A1200 setup with a HD dir added.

It could be the rom as the Cloanto ones are encrypted.

I use a rom pulled from an old A500 I used to have.
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IIRC whdload will complain if the rom is not right. So I don't think it's that.
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