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Harddisk scanning?

Guess this would be where I should put this.

I would like to know if anyone can recommend a program to scan a harddisk in an Amiga. I've got a slow 120 MB harddisk in my A1200 and no chip ram but I have a feeling the crashes where my harddisk seemingly never stopped working might be because of a bad sector or something. It's a SCSI harddisk as far as I can tell so modifying the bad block list wouldn't be that hard once I knew where it was.

I thought of this (finally) today as I was trying to copy some games to the harddisk. I use diskjoin and disksplit to split files on the PC and put them together on the Amiga. For some reason the joining of 2 710 kb large files took 2 minutes. One command earlier I had joined 2 other 710 kb files which had taken up a whooping 20 seconds. This was strange and could point to a physical problem. When I later tried unzipping the file it reported corrupted data, and when I deleted it it took way more time than nescesary to delete it.

So back to the question at hand. Is there a program which would run on a 2 MB A1200 which could scan my entire harddisk for errors and either fix them or enter them into the bad block list so that area can be omitted?
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You can try with Disksalv. Better read the docs to know which filesystem it support before testing anything.
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That might give me a bit of a problem because I'm not even sure which filesystem it's formatted with.
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Actually once you've launched Disksalv and select the drive to scan, it should automatically scan the filesystem type and adjust accordingly. Most likely you have the FFS as you have a 1200 and at least kickstart 2.x or higher.

Another tool to look at the HD with is the HD Toolbox, you don't actually have to use it to repartition but it too will check the existing filesystem type for you.

Then there is the old standby of using a floppy to boot with.
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