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Post EdSet: The Settlers map editor for the Amiga (brief user guide)

EdSet is a freeware Amiga utility that lets you edit the map in your save game file for The Settlers by Blue Byte. It was created by Ed Mackey and is available on the Aminet: http://aminet.net/package/game/edit/EdSet08

You can use it to refresh your game once you've exhausted your natural resources and you want to continue playing on the same map, or to cheat by either improving your own kingdom or messing up your opponents' kingdoms.

This short guide is written by someone who used to use EdSet, to showcase the utility and to show how to do some of the most common tasks. You can click on the screenshots to see them full size.

The utility has a powerful Stencil feature which lets you select your own kingdom, enemy kingdoms and No Man's Land, and also lets you select custom points. It has built-in functions that allow you to modify the terrain, and which object is located at each point. There is a full usage guide included with the utility which details how to do the basic, intermediate and advanced functions.

Common uses include:
  • restocking your lakes with fish
  • restocking your mountains with minerals
  • placing geologist boards on all minerals
  • immediate placement of forests
  • removing unmovable objects (dead trees, unmineable stone) to create usable space in your landscape
  • raising/lowering the terrain where a flag is placed, allowing for more shallow gradients and quicker transport of goods

You can also do the inverse to hamper your opponent, such as removing all their minerals or fencing their castle in with mountains.

I used EdSet when I used to play The Settlers, but I don't maintain the utility, and I don't have a list of the values to use, for example for different tree types. You can find these yourself just by selecting the correct view and scrolling around to find an existing one to get the code. I loved playing peaceful games of The Settlers, and using EdSet allowed me to do this for as long as I want. Feel free to post questions but I'm not an expert and may not be able to answer them. Hope you enjoy this guide!

Launch the utility from Workbench.

If The Settlers is installed on your hard disk, copying EdSet to be located inside your Settlers drawer will automatically display your saved game list when you launch it; otherwise you can click the "Load" button to locate and load your Settlers drawer.

Once your saved game is loaded, you'll see a wireframe map of your landscape, which you can move around by keeping your right mouse button depressed and moving the mouse.

There are 4 menus:
  • Project, which lets you save/load a save game file
  • Special Functions, that lets you perform all the map editing functions
  • View, that allows you to change the wireframe view
  • Stencil, which allows you to modify the currently-applied stencil

Main view
In the main wireframe landscape view, you have three buttons: 'Show', 'View' and 'Using'. 'Show' has a dropdown button next to it that lets you choose what to display. 'View' affects what you can do when you click on a point in the landscape with your left mouse button, either View the point or Edit the point. Clicking a point on the map will show the object code and friendly name in the 'Using' field.

You can show the following object types:
  • Flags
  • Obstacles
  • Road
  • Terrain ownership
  • Terrain altitude
  • Terrain type
  • Waves
  • Objects
  • Underground

Special Functions
For this guide, we'll be making our kingdom great by removing the useless objects from our terrain, then stocking our mountains and lakes with resources, then highlighting where all our minerals are, and finally planting a forest.

To make a stencil of your kingdom, select Show: Ownership, scroll to find your kingdom (the points will be displayed as "C - property of Cyan"), then going to the Stencil menu and selecting "Clear stencil to empty" followed by "Add group to stencil" and selecting the value 80 in both the From and To fields (you can get the value of 80 by clicking on one of the "C" points on the map to see this).

Now that you have all points in your kingdom selected in your stencil, go to the Special Functions menu and select the options you want:

Remove useless objects:

Stock mountains with minerals:

Stock lakes with fish:

To place the geologist boards, which show the location and amount of each mineral for everywhere they exist in your kingdom, run the "MEGA-Geologist" function.

To create a new forest, for example near a lumberjack, go to Show: Objects, Mode: Edit, Using: 0E (Oak tree for grass) and click on the points where you want a tree to be. If you have other types of tree in your landscape, you can mix the forests by alternating with different tree codes.

Save map
Remember to always save your map when you are finished.

Now load The Settlers and enjoy your changes.

Alternate uses
Here's some suggestions of other things you can do:
  • Create a lake if you are landlocked
  • Restock a chosen Coal mine by setting the terrain immediately surrounding the mine to value 6C: "large amount of coal"
  • Terraforming the landscape to whatever shape you want
  • Imprison your opponents and make their terrain too steep to use

Screenshot album

Thanks for reading!
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