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Hmmm.. interesting stuff

I have been considering making a WoW clone for the A1200... well a game that has a zelda viewpoint, using wasd/mouse movement, changeable 1 to = abilities, bag inventory system, using the same combat mechanics (dps calculations)

I am used to AMOS Pro (well, still require a silly amount of learning), but blitzbasic2 seems like a better option (at least within the sphere of my coding ability)

I think the Amiga is perfectly suited for a WoW clone, are there any commercial Amiga games that are even close in gameplay design/control method?

Mutli-player is out of the window, and real-time night and day cycle is a problem without a RTC... (so I would just not support it), it would be hugely limited in comparison but I think the general gameplay mechanics are certainly possible.
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Sorry for the lack of updates, it would be easy to say it's for having too much work, but it's also for the lack of courage to use small time intervals to go researching and testing :-P

So, no time for complains, it's up to me to push this forward, and manage to get a decent 8way scroll routine for all us blitz coders :-)

I've been watching some amiga 500 games, and they amaze me how smooth their scroll are, some of them have apparently more than 16 colors and big tile maps, so it's clear that i got to use that asm stuff through blitz to get reasonable drawing speed.

I'll update this thread in two days with advances.

I'll keep using blitz 2.1 as it seems its the way to go for full A500 compatibility.

Djay: i didn't played WoW, so i don't know how it differs from Zelda games, but i like your idea of wasd + mouse control, i don't know why amiga games rely so much on joystick controls, it's very limited, and it doesn't gives much precision. Don't know also about AMOS, but it seems Blitz is more powerfull, and yet easy to get and code in :-)
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Ok, so first update. I'm working in two fronts:

First i'm making a tile map editor, something simple, to get the grip of the tile maps and flex my blitz muscles :-)

Second, i'm learning 68000 asm using the valuable entry "ASM:resources" in this forum, so i could chew the examples provided and plug a blitting routine to my Blitz 8way scroll code. I plan on keep using Blitz2 and have fast routines in ASM, for that pieces that takes too much time to do.

I'll keep this thread updated, for now i've managed to move data in ASM inside Blitz2... next stop is image blitting :-)
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