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CD32 video troubles

My CD32 seems to be having some video troubles.

To the right hand side of text and icons, there is this halo/ghosting effect.

I have recently recapped the whole machine and this doesn't appear to have resolved it.

I tested it with both S-video and RGB (via kipper2k's riser board). Both directly into a Sony PVM and OSSC + LCD. Same results both ways.


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Have you tested with another PSU?
How about using another cable?
It could also be the video decoder chip.
Or a grounding issue. Did you plug things in different outlets? Especially, display and CD32 in separate outlets.

Bit of stabbing in the dark here, sorry! RGB shouldn't really give any ghosting so that's bizarre. RGB issues are usually one of three problems: cable, display, or encoder chip problems (like the SNES which has terrible, ghosty RGB)
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