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Blizzard Accelerator board

I have a Blizzard 2040 accelerator board with a 68040 installed in my A2000 Ver B with 3.1 installed and OS 3.5 installed.
I would like to upgrade to a 060. I know I have to install the 060 libs in the appropriate places.

I d/l the instruction manual, but I am not to sure how to do it. This is what they say,

"In case of an upgrade of your 2040 to a 68060 processor, which we are quite prepared to do for you, you will be furnished with the then required diskette. To obtain proper function a "68040.library" must be installed in your "libs:" directory. This library is part of the operating system and is not available from us. The usage of the latest "Setpatch" version lowers the risk of incompabilities."

I've also noticed that there are several versions of the 060 on ebay, many from China. Any advice on what to stay away from?
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here is an upgrade guide for Blizzard 2040 to 060 by John "Chucky" Hertell.

the 68040.library you may find on one of the Workbench 3.0/3.1 install disks, IIRC.

regarding real 68060 you may run into some fake one. you will know only after you bought the then overpriced cpu.

maybe you may try to buy one on amibay from a user with some reputation.
or put a request here in marketplace

@admin: move this thread to "Support hardware" since it's amiga related?
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You may already be aware that you need to mod the Blizz board but just in case here's how to do it......


When sourcing the parts it took awhile to locate just the right regulator and it took me a couple months to get an 060 CPU (which I did finally find a rev 5 from China which was the real deal). Amibay is usually a good source for rev 6 cpu's though.

The SMD diode components I had to order a lot of 100 but they were dirt cheap from China. Also, the crystal and socket were easy to source.

The tricky part is the solder work required under the CPU. Better have a big magnifier and steady hands!

I modded mine a few years ago and was successful with no boo-boos the first time around!

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John Hertell also sells Rev. 6 CPUs (or at least has done in the past - maybe he's keeping them for himself these days...) Anyway, worth asking him. You might pay a little more, but you'll know it's been tested in an Amiga and is genuine.
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I have 24 cpus at home. price 110eur each
tested rev6
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need modded 3.1 ROM also.
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no not for blizzard
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