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The most basic of basic questions

Ok really basic question here from a newbie; so basic I cant find anything on it after 20min search in forums, cos everyone else prabably knows how to do it...

How do I get an amiga file (like a WHDLoad game) off the internet and onto my A1200? Im assuming here that a PC floppy wont be recognised by an Amiga and an Amiga formated disk wont be regognised by my PC, (or am I wrong to assume this?) so what is the process?

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An amiga can read a PC 720K Floppy. Once you have the basic files on your ami you have a variety of better methods of sending data to one another. My personal choice is with an SD card PCMCIA reader on the a1200.
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The easiest way is a compact flash transfer kit, Amigakit sell a ready made setup which is perfect for novice users:


You can use this to transfer file to and from your Amiga and also to write back ADF's to blank DD Disks to be played on the Amiga. (this is done on the Amiga side)

Now, you can put this kit together youself whih requires some more knowledge, it is possible to put the drivers (compactflash.device) and Fat95 on your A1200 using a 720k formatted Floppy Disk which the PC should also be able to read.

You can get these files for Aminet, however if you are just starting out like I was a couple of years back you might find it easier to go with the first option, like I did

There are other ways like a NULL Modem Cable, PCMCIA networking or you can even hook your Amiga's HDD up to the PC and use WinUAE to transfer files. But like I said, the Compact flash setup is the best and easiest way for you to transfer some files.

If you need any more help just ask!

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Steve put it much better than me, also if you do go down the null modem cable route you still have to get the basic files onto the amiga.
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Follow steve's link, I have one and it works great!
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Thanks Steve and others. Looks like the transfer kit is the way to go. I dont have a compact flash reader on my PC or Mac. I could buy one I guess. What I do have are SD readers. Sounds like you use SD cards Deicidal. Will this transfer kit also work with SD cards? Im guessing not. Looked for a SD transfer kit on on Amigakit. None there. How do you do it with SD cards?

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Hi Mateo,

Yes, SD cards are compatible with the EasyADF software (which is available from AmigaKit separately), but you will need an SD-PCMCIA instead of a CF-PCMCIA adapter.
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I use this one for PCMCIA-SD transfers. It works like a charm and you can browse and use the SD card like any other drive, no special software needed other than the driver of course, which is freely available.

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Unfortunately those ones on DX have been sold out for a while, but they're definitely the right ones to get if you can find them elsewhere, I use one myself on the A1200.
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I'm a beginner too (to Amiga's that is), I ended up getting Amiga Explorer, and making a serial cable to my A2000 (per the pinout on the Amiga Forever page). It's really cool, with a couple basic commands, it automatically installs itself on the Amiga side through the cable.


Only downside so far is speed. It's slow. Very slow. Hopefully eventually I will be able to afford a Zorro serial card so I can use something above 9600.
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Amiga Explorer ay... interesteing. Think I will try and get hold of one of these PCMCIA-SD transfers for starters. Thanks for eveyones hlep on this

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