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Originally Posted by Lemming880 View Post
Well plenty bugs with workarounds, some explained in this thread, if not just ask. If you want the game to run on a vanilla amiga do some resolution tests. Everything in backbone works alot faster if you emulate it on A4000 speed. Mind you that this affects the level design. Because you test the game on high speed but once run on a vanilla amiga it can feel very different. For instance it was no problem for my platform game since that gameplay is very flexible but my side scrolling shooter felt way too slow. Last thing, there is negativity towards backbone for years so the hardest thing about backbone is keeping up the motivation. Good luck.
Hi, thanks for the hints, yeah i'm working on winuae with an a1200 14mhz setup with 8mb fastram, and will do my hardware testing on a plain cd32, but i software test in winuae on a cd32 setup anyway so shouldn't have to many issues before burning a test disc with having multiple versions of as you say different resolutions and colour counts to see whats fast enough and whats not.
Btw is their a memory counter of such if you start adding too much sprites, music etc i didn't see one?
Yeah motivation is always a factor whatever you do in life, my Lemmings book took me 2 years lol Plus i'll make it a basic game to start with and pick up stuff as i go along to not get demotivated.
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Is the sprite sheet for this tutorial still available anywhere?
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Aw the example pictures are gone. Someone please fix those links. Well there's a sprite sheet inside backbone in folder Pictures called PlatformTiles.iff and I think it's the same sheet they used in this tutorial.

Edit. I found the example pictures on my hard drive but they aren't necessary anyway as all the details are in the text.

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Has someone gets a Highscore list become working in backbone?
I ask because you can get a score in game, but without a highscore list i think its useless to show the score.w
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Highscore isn't possible in backbone. And the score only resets after reboot. So the score is pretty useless indeed.
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Elfie is going on and my wish to put it completely on on one disk is alive.

But i want it also to put on an ISO for the CD32. So is here anybody who can help me when the game is finished to make an bootable ISO from the game?
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Hey Foxman, sorry for the late reply. I can help you make a bootable ISO or floppy game if you haven't already.
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Zener asked for your game Tuesday in this thread
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