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Originally Posted by Gzegzolka View Post
Just finished party demo version Well for me it also looks like a full version. Very good game, not too hard and not too easy. I like how in later stages player can use potions to create blocks in designated for that places and how he can change his own color to pass different barriers or use them as a platforms. Maybe last boss could be more challenging, but it is not big problem for me.
I agree there needs to be a greater sense of urgency at boss level. Have Miss May being lowered into hot oil, gators, snakes. Staked out underneath a pendulum. Fed into a saw blade. There must be hundreds of cliffhangers that could be used.

If an artist is found, don't overlook the retroguru mascot. He is cool in his own right. Some dancing on hot coals, lying on a bed of nails, charming a cobra would be fun.

Naturally phx already knows this. The debugger was the Solid Gold game too. I don't remember if the game uploaded to aminet had it. It had to be assembled with -DDEBUG to enable it. There was a bouncing color bar during the game. The only way I ever saw it was pressing HELP. Don't do this if you're playing for keeps because there is no return.

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It looks amazing!!!
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The floppy is NDOS, can someone prepare a WHD installer for it please?
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I already talked with StingRay many weeks ago, and he even has the game's source text. I also asked him not to publish the passwords and to wait until the final release was done.

The graphician is currently busy to rework everything. I'm sure there will be a WHDload version for the final release.
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Originally Posted by phx View Post
The graphician is currently busy to rework everything.
Nice one Frank

...not that the graphics are bad at all in the party version, but look forward to seeing what improvements you will implement
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It is a shame I can not have HDD install for party version as I wanted to bring to an upcoming Amiga party and I do not have FDD od Gotek in my Amiga But it is your game and I respect that of course.
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I am also looking forward seeing how the graphics are improved (or not? ) by that other guy.

Anyway, amazing game, Frank.
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