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Would I benefit from 3.1.4 ROM?

I have an A1200, with a ACA1230-28 accelerator with 64mb RAM, 8GB card HDD and a 1081 CRT monitor.

I have ClassicWB (Full) running on an 8GB CF card.

I use it mainly for WHDload games, watching demos and generally just fiddling with Workbench, DPaint, Octamed and other bits for nostalgia purposes, no real application work. No interest in network or online stuff on the Amiga.

The machine has 3.0 ROM as standard. The Accelerator can map a ROM file, but I don't use that function.

Would I see any benefit at all by using 3.1.4 ROM based on my uses and the fact that the HDD is already set up and working?
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If you have things working well, I see no real benefit.
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Overscan windows is a nice feature.
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Yeah, if you have a system already set up and working, the benefits will be relatively minor I guess. Personally though, some of the small improvements are quite important to me. There are lots of small improvements in Workbench that were carried over from 3.9, such as new keyboard shortcuts, new sorting options, cancel option for lengthy file operations, an ARexx port and so on. And the new Intuition feature for dragging windows out of the screen is nice too.

Of course, if you were to set up another drive from scratch, the built-in >4GB support is a big bonus.
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I like the idea of supporting the development of classic Amiga software in 2019. Hopefully this will continue.

As for overscan windows, I think Thor released the improved layers.library on Aminet some years ago.
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Thomas Richter
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Originally Posted by nogginthenog View Post
As for overscan windows, I think Thor released the improved layers.library on Aminet some years ago.
While layers V45 is certainly necessary for out-of-screen dragging, it is not sufficient. Intuition also has to use the feature.
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I migrated one of my A1200s from ClassicWB 3.9 to a 3.1.4 ROMed system with this http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?...ight=classicwb and I must say it feels a bit less sluggish than the 3.9 install. But apart from that there is no real reason to switch, or you have to be very curious
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Mark sealey
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I used 3.1 on my A600 furia for a long time....Then upgraded to 3.1.4....there is a speed increase....more software works....i even use Shadowrom now....Could never get it to work with 3.1.

For me 3.1.4 was like a magic wand....well worth it...even more so if you burn a Rom.
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Thanks for the advice, very helpful.

There's a fair bit I don't fully understand about ROM versions and workbench versions. It seemed to make sense back in the day, when you had a set of workbench disks to match the version of the ROM that the computer came with.

I understand that 3.1.4 is a version of the ROM, which is on chips, but do you need a 3.1.4 version of workbench to make use of any of the updated functionality?

Would a 3.1.4 ROM without a version of workbench just not do anything or would another version of workbench just not work

In my original Amiga days I just had 2.04 on an A500+ then 3.0 on my A1200 and the workbench that was used just matched those versions.
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If you buy 3.1.4 you get both, a ROM and the matching OS disks - it's a complete package. Essentially both are part of the operating system, it's just that some components are in ROM rather than loaded from disk (and are thus available from power on).

Historically, the only time that there was disparity was with the release of 3.5 and 3.9. These needed you to have the 3.1 ROM and then they patched in updated system components in memory as the machine booted, stealing some of your RAM but providing updated functionality.
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Originally Posted by indigolemon View Post
Historically, the only time that there was disparity was with the release of 3.5 and 3.9.
Actually, there were many more times. Workbench 3.1 worked with 3.0 ROMs, as Kickstart 3.1 was not released yet when Workbench 3.1 came out.

Kickstart 1.4 / V35 with Hedley/A2024 monitor support only existed in the form of newer modules loaded at run-time (like with 3.1.4 if you don't install the 3.1.4 ROM).

And then there was Workbench 2.1, which had no corresponding Kickstart. That being said, all 2.x subversions did not require or often not even had parity between ROM and Workbench. The number of versions in which Kickstart and ROM must match is actually easier to count.
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No benefit.
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Would I benefit from 3.1.4 ROM?

Just get Kickstart 3.1 ROMs to use with your classic WB. It has more features.
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