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To WinFellow developers

Does it make any sense if u take the WinUAE source and make it highly optimized (fast on low-spec PCs) as the current Winfellow is ??

I mean, WinUAE today is the most complete Amiga emulation around, there's no need to messing around with another emulator, or is there?
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how "low spec"?
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Only small portions of the WinFellow code are based on UAE (read: UAE, not WinUAE), i.e. IIRC only the filesystem-module, which is rarely used. The rest has been adapted from the good old DOS-Fellow. It may be that some portions of DOS-Fellow were already based on UAE in one way or the other, Petter could probably answer that question better, but WinFellow is a completely independent piece of software.

It would not make any sense to take the WinUAE code and optimize it (define "optimize") - the work amount required to bring those two worlds together would be enormous and we'd rather use that time to further develop WinFellow. WinUAE and WinFellow use completely different approaches for emulation, and both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. I don't see that this is going to change.
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Originally Posted by pxscroll
how "low spec"?
Sorry to bump old post, but how about P3 450MHz?

I had no idea that there is some work done on WinFellow.

Used to love it's speed at the time I had P2 333MHz computer. (As you can see, I advanced for another 117MHz over last 6 years )
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Actually, P2-400 works great with the current WinFellow on the games that are compatable with it. I'd agree that lowest of 'low-spec' for WinFellow is probably never going to be below P2-300. And that'd be asking a lot of that sort of machine. After all, we're talking 7 year old hardware at that level.
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