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Quick reciprocal?

I'm doing a rudimentary 3D engine and I'm finding reciprocal operations on the quick type to be the biggest bottleneck right now, ie 1 / X

Has anyone come up with a solution for this? I was thinking of doing a lookup table of all (or at least a subset) possible reciprocal values - I'm OK with it being a little memory hungry.
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I generally always use a lookup table in such a situation; 1/x=table[x], x/y=x*table[y], ...

If you have to support a larger input range: 1/x = a / (a*x) = (a/x) / a = (1 / (x/a)) / a = table[x/a]/a, where a = log2(table_size)
E.g. in c/c++ for simplicity:
if (x < 1024) return table[x];
if (x < 4096) return table[x>>2]>>2;
return table[x>>N]>>N;
Add extra compares if you have to support negative numbers...
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Came up with a workable solution.

The limitations are:
- 131,068 bytes of memory are burned up
- 8 bits of fractional precision are lost (precision to 1/256 is fine for me, I can probably reduce this further to save memory)
- Maximum whole number value that can be fed into it is 128 (I don't need that big a draw distance, likewise I could probably this further to save memory)

Dim InverseTable.q(32767)
for TempL.l = 1 to 32766
Poke.l &TempQ,TempL LSL 8
Then it's just a case of Shifting the Quick type's longword by 8 bits right, and feeding it into the table. Much quicker
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