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Re-partition a hardrive without losing data

I'm having some problems installing a couple of programs on my A2000.
VideoToaster and AMOS Pro.
Both of them don't want to install because they say there's not enough space on the hard drive.
I have Workbench 3.1.4 and a 60gb disk with 2 30gb partitions.

I'm guessing that there's a problem with these large partitions.
For example, AMOS Pro sees a negative 30gb partition.

I've read that I have to make a partition no bigger than 4.3gb and the block size must be 512k.

Now, is there a way to re partition on of the partitions without losing my programs and data?


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You cannot change partition sizes without loosing data.

But you can work around the negative free space issue without repartitioning.

Divide the free space by 4GB and check the remainder of the division. If it is larger than 2GB, then the value is treated negative. Create some dummy files (or one big dummy file) until the remainder is less than 2GB, then the programs will install.
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Gonna try that, thanks
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Alternative you can install to RamDisk and then copy the data to your large partition. But you need to check manually the installation procedure to be save the program still works after moving to a different place.
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To answer the original question, you can copy all your data to another place, then change the size of your partition, then move the data back.
Repartitioning a drive will lose data only on the partitions you move/resize, not on the whole drive.
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Creating some dummy files to reduce the free space helped and now AMOS sees the free space as positive, but upon pressing the install button it doesn't do anything. VideoToaster doesn't eve see the drive.

I'm gonna try to move data to the other partiton and delete the partition the data was on, then create a smaller partition like 3gb. Does block size has anything to do with this? My partitions block size are 4096, this helped reduce boot time a lot.

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