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all games give garbled white static after fresh install

Hi all,

I was running workbench classic LITE version as I had no accelerator. I had WHDLoad installed and many games, most didnt work because not enough memory :P

Then my ACA1221 arrived and things were working pretty good! I ran several games (Alien Breed 3D, Super Hang On) just fine.

Today I bought myself a full unlock license for the ACA as a treat. As I now had some pretty good hardware I decided to format my CF drive and install classic workbench ADVSP for high colour mode and lots more prettiness with Scalos etc. A1200 now has 64mb of fast ram and 68020 at 26mhz thanks to the ACA upgrade so thought it would be fun.

But now every game I try to play (I've tested tonight Alien Breed 3D, Aladdin, Super Hang On) just shows the WHDLoad splash and then the screen goes black and then I get garbled white nonsense everywhere which ultimately ends in a guru meditation. Whatever "quit key" is specified in the splash for the game doesnt work, but i can crtl+Am+Am to reboot machine. Machine is fine after a reboot.

Workbench classic is operating fine, no graphical errors, everything looking great and I have been running it for several hours using Dopus etc with no crashes, only get the crash if I try to run a game.

I did a little googling and read about copying the kicks to Devs/Kickstarts/ and I checked my zip file which I thought had kicks in and its just the skick346.lha which turned out to just contain .PAT and .RTB files, I dont know where I even got it from but suddenly im wondering how games ever worked in classic WB?

I own amiga forever 2006 and I copied my kicks from there and renamed them according to the table on WHDLoad docs website. But my version of amiga forever does not have the amiga-os-310-a1200.rom, amiga-os-310-a500.rom or amiga-os-310-600.rom roms. Just a amiga-os-310.rom (WHDLoad website says this is for A4000) and one for CD32.

I tried anyway with the kicks I have but still have the exact same issue. Gonna hold up my hands and admit I hunted over google for a kick31.rom which I tried renaming as required for the 1200 kick but that did not work.

Incase its relevent I note that the top left of my workbench it says Amiga 3.0 which I found odd because workbench classic lite said 3.1 in the top left.

its now 1:30am, I've been trying to fix this since 8, going to head to bed very frustrated! Hopefully someone here knows what is going on

Thanks for your time reading this.
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Check your MaxTransfer setting for your partitions.
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Sounds like a Corrupted/Pirate key for Whdload ?

Get the latest version --- it no longer needs a key.
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