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Amiga Game Guide Volume One and Two

Hi everyone, I have finally finished volume 2 of my incredibly ambitious project to play through and catalogue every single Amiga game. I realise that there are sites out there who have done that already, but I hope many will see a use (as I do) for an offline book, that is geared to be nice and readable on a tablet or Kindle Fire.

My hope is eventually to provide the Halliwell Film Guide equivalent to Amiga Games and so allow people to browse through all Amiga games of yesteryear and all the box art, reviews all in one place.

The books are totally free and is done simply because I am enjoying doing them. All I ask is give some comments, feedback or highlight mistakes on this forum if you spot any. Its just nice to know peoples views especially when you have put quite a bit of effort into something.

If anyone wants to have it directly on their own website or make copies, then I would be honoured (particularly as it would be nice to find a permanent home for it), the only stipulation I have is no one attempts to charge for the book.

Here are the links to the first two volumes, if you downloaded the Work in Progress link I posted earlier for volume 1 then it is well worth re-downloading as this is now the final version (except undoubted proof read fixes) and so has a full introduction and covers now.

Amiga Game Guide - Volume 01 - # -A

Amiga Game Guide - Volume 02 - B

These are big books (Volume 2, came in at 739 pages... so that is a lot of reading .. enjoy.)
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Many thanks for this.

I have just download it, hope to have a nose through it later. A quick scan through and it looks like it has taken a lot of effort.
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Thanks, I love books on (old) games and stuff.
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Thanks Higgy and Boulder, I hope you enjoy it.
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This is a phenomenal contribution to the Amiga community. Thank you!
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Wonderful. Thanks for the books.
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Reading Vol 1, pretty good so far. I noticed some games that I did not know about and probably want to try.

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Just reading this amazing tome is going to be a project in itself so I can't imagine how much work has gone into actually writing it. You're my kind of lunatic. Thanks!
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I went through Volume 1 last night, god there were a lot of bad Amiga games! A lot of memories were brought back.
I had a look at your YouTube stuff, blimey that is some work you have put in. Well done.
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I'm really enjoying these, it must have required an insane amount of work so far!

One thing I'd like to comment on: it would make the documents appear much more professional if they had some standard features like header, footer, proper margins and an index.
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Boulder - I think this has been done so it works best on handheld tablet or Kindle.

I know what you are saying, but when you are not reading it on a nice big PC monitor it is best to have it as big as possible.
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Wow, this is AMAZING. Thanks for sharing mate

PS. I just subscribed to your YT channel
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A fantastic encyclopedia of Amiga game information and well worth keeping, you have a few mistakes with some release dates and so repeated headings in places, but a small issue for what is a truly great piece of work

Well done, can't wait for volume 3 and also subscribed to your YouTube channel under the ddgreyfox handle
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I had a quick read and from what I've seen so far, this project seems like a masterpiece. I can't believe you are doing it for free... You have my sincere gratitude, I hope that you will see it to the end!
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I just registered to be able to post and say thank you for this magnificent effort. This is destined to go down in history as one of the most epic undertakings! Looking forward to the next 24 volumes!

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thanks a lot for your awesome work !: it's good to see games for the public domain and some advertising of games. Amiga rules !! (A500 for me the best of all )
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These are awesome fantastic stuff. i have just downloaded both. Thanks so much...
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Cpt. Hindsight
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I'd like to thank you for your hard work as well, Paul.

I'm a big fan of turn based strategy games as well, so thanks for the hint about Brigade Commander, never heard of that game before.
btw: The cpu doesn't wait such a long time at Battle Isle if you immediately quit your own move, wait until the computer made his moves, cancel to continue and make your moves/fire commands after that. A 68020 or better is also helpful as Blue Byte was one a few companies to take advantage of a faster processor/more fastram before the launch of AGA Amigas (The Settlers and Great Courts II are another example).

There are some other games that I like to play play after reading your books (tbh I just had a closer look at your second one).
Blazing Thunder
Bob's Bad Day
Bomber Bob
Thanks for these suggestions.
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Old 01 May 2014, 22:50   #19
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Hi all, sorry for the late delay, but I have been on my holidays.

I just wanted to say thankyou so much for taking the time to download and read the book, and to then take the time to give such nice comments on it. Really means alot to me. Thanks again, Paul Driscoll AKA The Drisk
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thanks for all the hard work you've put into this.

Have you ever read Amiga Power's 'Every Amiga Game Ever' book published around 1994? That's a good read and along the same lines (first thing that came to mind when reading the pdfs)
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