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Programming for the Amiga

Hey people, so as a job I am a IOS developer, I have also done a little .net, C and Android.

I used to love programming in Amos and 90% of me says I should come back to this.

However I thought I would ask, what would people recommend as a programming language for the Amiga (not WINUAE).

I quite like 3D stuff so might give Amos3D a look or that new AGA extension someone posted about.
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Remember that 3D is limited on AGA. It will not be near anything you could do with a Pentium and a graphics card in 1997, not in C and especially not in AMOS.

If you really want 3D and want any kind of audience you should go with C and one of the modes in this or the coming Indivision AGA. You will have to ask some coder for code to get textures on polygons or do it manually yourself.

If you want to just get started and are prepared to leave Quake I-like or better 3D behind at least temporarily, C will give you more performance but AMOS could be easier to get going with.

I don't know "what to get" that is the best with either of these choices, but others will probably happily link you in
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C is essentially the OS's native language and a perfect fit for the capabilities of the machine; vbcc is fairly easy to set up, especially if you're on a Unix derivative (and, being an iOS dev, I expect you are,) and the code generation is supposed to be quite good. Alternatively, 68k assembler is very nearly a high-level language itself; all the nice register space and orthogonality of a RISC architecture without all the constraints.

As for API, you can find the whole ROM Kernel Reference Manual and other quality system documentation in PDF form online. It's easily the best-written library documentation I've ever read.
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