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Amiga in The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/technolog...-modern-gamers
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Thanks for the link. Nice read and its great the amiga gets on the list.

Good times on great machines.
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aka breakpoint

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I got one of these from the other half for xmas...

My original one from the 80's died and was lost a very long time ago

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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
That was an amazing article, can't beleive it was in a British newspaper of all places! Recommending a PVM for retro gaming was a pretty bold move, you don't usually see that anywhere but the most specialist of forums.
The author is that knowlegable guy who was on gameswipe, i'll definately be looking for more of his stuff.
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Nice read! Some informative stuff on there like Sony PVM suggestion which I was unaware of! Also pleased to learn I have some of these consoles in the loft... although fitzsteve most likely has all of.the things mentioned!
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Nice find, weird suggestion to say an A500+ with relokick is the machine to go for, why not just a standard A500 (that doesn't need relokick)? Especially as the 500+ has that awful leaky battery onboard!

"I'd go for the Amiga 500+," says journalist and vintage games collector Will Freeman. "...with an easily available, super simple to use bit of software – I use ‘Relokick’ – you can trick your Amiga 500+ into booting up as an Amiga 500, thus letting you play all the additional games."
Surely the 1200 would be a better suggestion with WHDLoad these days?
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Rob 1
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
I agree good reading
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They're listing the Amiga with game consoles
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Steve T
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Originally Posted by Guardian reporter man
These are all relatively reliable too so even if you buy one that looks like it has been driven over by a Ford Mondeo, it should still function.

He makes it sound so easy - there's tons of pitfalls with buying anything used on ebay, leaking caps, batteries, faulty ports, cart slots etc... I've bought "working perfectly" stuff and it basically doesn't - either requiring fixing or a refund or both. At the very least, your investment should look tidy on the outside and be stated as functional, how about asking the seller questions like, do all the ports work, has the battery leaked etc.

Its no surprise that so many of us are / have become handy with soldering irons etc just make our hobby viable.
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post

A rare sighting of a Commodore Amiga 500 doing something other than playing Cannon Fodder
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