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Both have their use cases, I tend to use real hardware more, but UAE for quickly testing different configurations or when I'm travelling.

Space reasons, I understand (I'm lucky enough to have the space for a ~5 computers set up - Linux/Haiku PC, Windows PC, A1-XE, A1200 tower and a hotspot for A1200 desktop or whatever I happen to be repairing). I don't really get the whole not using hardware thing in terms of not wanting to risk them failing though. If hardware is only ever going to be stored in a box and never used, then what difference does it make whether it works or not? I have several machines that don't get much use but it's more from a lack of time. I always think that if they work, then they should be used.
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I use emulator, but I would like to re-buy an Amiga 1200 and pimp it up!
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Since I had my C64 I wanted an Amiga but it was beyond my budget so the emulator was my only experience with Amiga.I wanted to learn the same I did on the C64.

BASIC programming, memory mapping, chip addresses, sprite graphics and more.
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I don't mind emulation at all, but I draw a line at modern panels. CRTs only for retro machines.

Emulation/FPGA is now on so advanced level that I doubt anybody could tell a difference in a casual blind test, if we had it all rigged up inside original casing + peripherials. So the "it doesn't feel real" thing is probably mostly in the mind.

Having said that, I did recently acquire all the micros which were relevant in my area in the 80s for a certain project of mine. The idea was to use them for some time and then sell (I'm not rich + move a lot so can't lug it all with me). At the beginning it was a cool novelty but I wasn't as impressed or hit by nostalgia as I thought I might be. However, they did grow on me incredibly during last few months and now I don't think I will sell any of them soon, certainly not Amiga / ZX Spectrum.

It's some sort of hard-to-explain feeling which is a mix of the fact I often personify inanimate objects which I like and use a lot - especially ones so loaded with history. There's also the pleasant buzz coming from seeing these olden hardware veterans still running, and keeping them alive (that has nothing to do with nostalgia or trying to revive my childchood or some such, I'm not actually a big fan of these concepts).
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