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BPM calculator for Octamed?

I'm looking for a way to calculate the exact BPM of a tune written in Octamed so that I can use it for a video project in Sony Vegas. I usually use Acid Pro as it has the standard BPM timing method, Octamed has a strange/different timing method which makes things difficult... Basically what I'm trying to achieve is to write a piece of music on Octamed, save it as a wav and have the exact BPM so I can sync it on Vegas? Anybody had a similar issue or suggestions to try? Thanks.

Edit: By Octamed I mean versions V.3 and V.4

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Can't really help you with those specific programs but reaper has a function to set tempo from a time selection. ie. accurately select an area of the wav corresponding to one bar, then click the button which tells reaper this amount of time = 1 bar of 4/4 or whatever.

If your programs don't have an equivalent you could do it manually. First record the wav out of Octamed, then in your DAW/audio editor, select the area of 1 bar, read off the time of the selection then -

BPM = 60 * beats per bar/time in seconds

Repeat for any different tempo parts. If your wav is dense and hard to see the bar boundaries precisely, get octamed to output a separate click track at the same internal tempo as the track.
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Doesn`t show Octamed the BPM of current tune loaded? At least OctamedSoundStudio does and I guess some mod player will show it too. How exact it is you have to test. I fear there are some small differences. For example I experienced that protracker on 125 BPM and roland mc-303 on 125 BPM isn`t the same tempo. So sync in some way is needed.
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Thanks for the suggestions guys but I think I've found a way to do it... I did a test today and recorded a Module in WinUAE as a wav, I switched to the BPM mode on Octamed and found the correct playback tempo which was 169BPM, then inported the wav into soundforge and removed the silence at the begining of the sample. Finally I dropped the wav into Vegas and set it's own BPM to 169..there was some slight drift in the sync but they may be due to the WinUAE recording....
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Best way is to play Med-SS with only Kick, Hats & Snare and let for example the free MixMeister BPM Analyzer read the real BPM,

This is my list for VGAONly screenmode on a A4000/060, but It may be different with other screen resolutions/CPU's ???

606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_120 119.99
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_128 127.99
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_129 129.00
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_130 129.98
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_131 130.98
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_132 131.99
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_133 132.98
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_134 133.99
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_135 134.97
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_136 135.96
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_137 136.97
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_138 137.99
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_139 138.99
606_TempoTAP_MED-SS_140 139.99

So for MED-Soundstudio 131BPM is 130.98 for real..

You can also measure the Beat/hats:Snare track with a DAW,
but I guess the 1/100 analyze from mixmeister bpm analyzer is the best average solution..

I needed this exact bpm to for multi track recording with cubase,
otherwise the grid is flowing away,,

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