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Old 30 April 2017, 12:39   #1
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Simple AGA first person engine [Prototype only]

[ Show youtube player ]

Just a quick experiment with no current plans for actually doing anything useful with it (yet), I mainly wanted to see if I could get a simple pseudo 3D system running on AGA / 020 / No Fast Ram.

  • 7-8 four colour enemies/obstacles (or 3-4 sixteen colour enemies/obstacles)
  • Floor detail objects
  • Flight
  • Up/down look
  • UI overlay
  • Fullscreen, 1x1 detail
  • 50FPS solid without fastram or accelerators

Does not (yet) feature walls or ground texturing, which may be possible but would likely come with a severe performance hit on unaccelerated Amigas.

  • Joystick to move
  • Z/X = Strafe
  • Q/A = Jetpack
  • W/S = Look up and down

Download: http://earok.net/games/fpsthing.zip

Art by John Tsakiris
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Old 30 April 2017, 16:20   #2
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AlarCity sub level?
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Old 30 April 2017, 16:20   #3
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Looks cool
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Old 30 April 2017, 17:44   #4
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Nice, what language are you using? Blitz?
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Old 30 April 2017, 19:24   #5
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Old 30 April 2017, 22:38   #6
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Thanks guys!

@Steve, yep it's pure Blitz 2.1 - ASM optimisations may come at some point, particularly if I want to get some crude floor texturing working...

@Predseda Not sure just yet! In connection with AlarCity I was thinking something along the lines of an overworld/hub system connecting the levels.
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Old 01 May 2017, 20:54   #7
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Looking really good - needs to become a game...
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Old 01 May 2017, 22:12   #8
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hope optimization will improve things a bit, however, turning daydream mode on, i could envision that, if remade in assembly and using a 3x3 or 4x4 chunky matrix below something like this might come out:

[ Show youtube player ]
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Looks really good, and I hope you get to develop it into a game! Even a Starfox-type game, better than Guardian, would work on this kind of setup, maybe even Galaxy Force-type games.

Anyway, looking good
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