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Originally Posted by earok View Post
I had a quick look at it recently, and managed to crack the enemy patterns (so I can slow them down too).

Each pattern is ten bytes long (ie five words).

* 1st Word = The behaviour type. I think: 1 = normal, 2 = change pattern, such as try to ram the player when close, 5 = foreground decoration. Not sure of other settings.
* 2nd Word = Countdown in frames. Eg this counts down by 1 every frame, and when it reaches 0 it goes to the next pattern.
* 3rd Word = XSpeed. Self explanatory
* 4th Word = YSpeed. Self explanatory.
* 5th Word = Animation index. By fiddling with this variable you can make a helicopter turn into a plane, or a tank turn into a power pole etc.

So I can slow it down by decreasing X/Y speed and increasing the number of frames. To be honest most vehicles probably don't need to be slowed down much, but the helicopters in particular look bad since the frame rate's so slow and they're moving so fast..

But the real pain of it is the data isn't stored in a single table or file, it's stored very randomly all over the executable so there's no easy way to find where the patterns are other than watch variables in the WinUAE debugger. As such, I've only been bothered to slow down level 1 so far. (I also deleted the foreground power poles just to reduce slow down)

At some stage I may finish this as a minor SE - no sprite fixes, probably a new title screen and maybe new palettes. No promises though, it's still not a fantastic game.

Edit: Oh, and I made the player slightly slower too, down from 3 pixels/frame movement to 2 - makes it feel a bit smoother.
Sounds cool!
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Originally Posted by viddi View Post
Sounds cool!

Proposed new loading screen.

It's from some Japanese mobile game based on the Area 88 franchise. Not all of the characters in the image are in the game but three are (Shin, Mickey and commander Saki). Sadly it's dithered to hell due to the 16 colour limitation. Replacing it was a small nightmare due to how they use the copper to change the palette at least three different times, as well as the palette being Atari ST 0777 format, as well as the image being stored in ST format..!
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That is still great work You have done
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Probablly looking for some Area 88 tankobon (paperback volumes) covers and converting those in ilbm should make a better result
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