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Hi Folks....

It's been yonks... Yes... Absolutely yonks... Since before Babbage penned his schematics for difference engines way back in the 1800's... It's been that long since I fired an Amiga up...

I still have a couple of 1200's in the loft and various other bits and pieces laid around that will inevitably find their way to the local tip... But Hey ho... There's always the Emulator..

Right.. Whitterings over.. late 40's.. Drink Newcastle Brown Ale.. and.... most importantly.. Back with a wee bit time on my hands.. Gonna have a peruse thru the site as I only found it this morning.. A greed thing - Even if I say so myself.. Hoping to get more than a tenner for my A2000 -

Alternatively... I may just pull it from auction and upset the other half.. Her computer room is far far bigger than mine and I can see it accommodating the PC.. A2000.. A1200.. C64 etc etc... Hmmmm
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Welcome to EAB!

I'm sure you'll get more then a Tenner for your A2000

And please, don't take anything to the tip - give us a chance here to buy it from you to help fund those 'Newcastle Brown Ales'

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I'd rather give stuff away than skip it... 3 c64's anyone??
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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An official welcome to the boards,

If you take a little time you will find lots of retrolicious mischief to get upto, its best I advise you that you may get bitten by the retro bug and end up keeping all your Amiga LOL

Thats a very nice A2000 in your other thread - with a little effort and hardly much cost you could increase both the harddisk size (to about 2GB) and upgrade the memory to 8MB Fast and (pending on motherboard) 1MB chip ram. a very competent ECS gaming machine =)

Currently I have a side project with my A2000 its going to be a monster once complete =)

It wasn't that long ago that I got into big-box-amiga, perhaps a little less than a couple of years ago - at the time I wasn't all that interest in them, but my friend r0jaws brought over his A2000 with GVP SCSI 2 controller, a KCS Zorro PowerBoard (PC emulator) and a CBM A2620 020 processor card - I have to admit it was then I fell in love with the big-box miggys.

if you need help or advice in setting up an Amiga or just looking for some extra components dont hesitate to ask -

For selling your wares, if you have a price in mind then you could use www.amibay.com its free and provides over 2,500 like-minded retro-enthusuasts that are looking for all manner of retro kit - all you need to do is state price in your advert (with ONO or offers if you want) -

Alas AmiBay is a trading site not an auction site so you will need to have an idea on what you want for you kit, if you dont know then ask about here or look up on fleabay.

now, whats your favvy miggy games?
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Graham Humphrey
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Welcome aboard!
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CBM & Retro Mad
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Welcome and nout wrong with a Newcastle Brown

Would be a shame to see anything tipped though i say try a thread on here listing stuff you have and as suggested amibay, and hey i do some dabbling on the c-64 throw us a pm with what you got

Enjoy the forum

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Hi PowerDrinker62, and welcome to EAB!

With a nick like that, you'd better ask DemonHellraiser to create a suitable avatar for you.
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Hi PowerDrinker62 and welcome to EAB!

Durham eh? Guess you and DH are the new toon army here then You just found a new friend once he sees your nick and location Enjoy your stay
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Dear oh dear.... Where is the 'General' forum.. Where I can post about my ingrowing toenails and my recipes for elderflower wine n stuff.... And... Just in case There aint one...... Could we have one please?
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Here http://eab.abime.net/forumdisplay.php?f=95
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Dare I admit to finding it 30 seconds after I'd posted.... Humblest apologies for not trying hard enough.
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How rude of me

Welcome to EAB fellow UK northerner of the Durham Clans
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