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Old 17 May 2017, 23:11   #3641
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Really enjoying Thimbleweed Park - the new one from Ron Gilbert. Also playing Full Throttle remastered as well as Axium Verge and the Shadow of the Beast Reboot. So many games to play!
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Old 04 June 2017, 21:53   #3642
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Enjoying Legend of Grimrock...
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Old 05 June 2017, 01:46   #3643
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This month I have been mostly ...

Playing Space Invaders on the MZ-80K


I play Manic Miner on the Acorn 5000


I play River Raid on the Atari Woody or Ms Pacman


I play Arcade Snooker on the Amiga 1200

I play Sonic on the MegaPC


And Sorcery Plus via a DD1 on the CPC464


I also am dabbling with Uridium on the Spectrum 48K plus a bit of TLL

Just bought Alice in Video Land for the C64 and playing Spiderman. Currently scanning in the covers of all my C64 cassettes. Big job that. getting there.

I finished Flight of the Amazon Queen a month or so back now. Haven't started another epic on the 1200 yet. I tend to play Tetris on the 500 or Invaders...when not at the 4000. Mostly Arcade Snooker though. Preferring the cartridges on the Woody at the moment. Quicker and I do like River Raid.

Mostly though I still play my beloved World of Warcraft. Levelling another character. Level 64 BELF Warlock... as you do.

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Old 05 June 2017, 02:32   #3644
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Finished Thimbleweed Park a while back, (Quite difficult towards the end)

Now playing Gears of War 4 on Xbox One (Grabbed it at bargain price)
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Old 08 June 2017, 15:30   #3645
Cpt. Hindsight
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Blackwood Crossing, The Silent Age and Panzer Corps on the PC. I should be able to finish the first two until the weekend.

Ride 2 on the PS4.
You can think of it as a spiritual successor of Tourist Trophy (Do you remember the Gran Turismo clone with motorcycles for the PS2?). It's not very impressive from a technical point of view (it's from Milestone, nuff said) but it offers a wide variety of nice race tracks, is challenging and plays smooth.
It's not the worst choice if you don't want to pay more than 20-30 euros for a decent racer and unrivaled if you're looking for a decent racer with street and race (Super Moto, Endurance and Superbike) motorcycles.
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Old 08 June 2017, 21:03   #3646
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Had a quick go at Wolfram:

It is good --- but I have a problem with the door animation
sometimes (mostly) not showing.
So the baddies see + shoot me --- but I can't do the same.
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Old 08 June 2017, 22:22   #3647
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Elvira the arcade game - finished - it was not bad game, but just like most Flair's games graphic and sound are on top while gameplay lacks fun. Levels are too long, while game is not hard, there is too much backtracking. Puzzles on ice level took me too much time to solve.
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Old 13 June 2017, 13:36   #3648
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PC: Some Axiom Verge now and then. Love the soundtrack.

PS4: Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Wipeout Omega Collection. Both games are super pretty - very impressed with their graphics.

Can't wait to pick up Tekken 7!
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Old 13 June 2017, 14:44   #3649
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Fire emblem :echoes. Breath of the wild and returned to some black ops 3 recently

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Old 28 June 2017, 15:07   #3650
Maj. Voodoo

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Fifa 17 (with my son)
Mass Effect Andromeda

Just finished Titanfall 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn, first being bit too short and linear, second being an epic open world game, with good story, fight controls and great heroine. So far, ME Andromeda seems to offer another 'movie like' experience.

Not playing much of computer games lately and trying to figure out some odd Japanese game on Mame for RGL. Last season was quite interesting with couple of Atari 800 games.
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Old 29 June 2017, 04:23   #3651
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Still Morrowind (Several hours a day) [Oblivion is coming]

Day 71 = Level 13
The Dreams + NPC Nags are a bit annoying.
As is the Re-Spawning, Good 4 getting experience + Swag I suppose.
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Old 02 August 2017, 18:51   #3652
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Getting sucked back into Warframe. Does anyone else play it?
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Old 03 August 2017, 20:25   #3653
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Still Morrowind Excellent Value For Money !!!

9 Mid Year (Day 267) Level 31
Now Archmaster of House Redoran, Co-ArchMage and Master of Fighters Guild.

What next ? The Temple/Imperial Quests ?
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Old 05 August 2017, 15:23   #3654
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I have been playing Ducktales
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Old 06 August 2017, 20:38   #3655
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Dwarf Fortress.. it's hard, but it's fun!
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Old 07 August 2017, 19:44   #3656

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Just finished playing Starflight on the Amiga for the past month. Put simply, it's the Star Trek adventure RPG we never got, but did. You command a ship and build a crew (captain, science officer, navigator, engineer, communications officer, doctor) and can name your ship whatever you want. *cough* enterprise *cough*

You literally explore an entire star system with over 200 stars and 800 planets. Meet alien races... it's simply enormous and amazing. Fits all on one disk.
I wrote up a more detailed review here with support links and original ADF:

If you guys haven't played this masterpiece, I highly recommend it. If you do, definitely read the manual first front to back and get ahold of the map. I link to a JPG of one which you can print or refer to on-screen.
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	starfight-5.jpg
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Name:	starfight-7.jpg
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ID:	54070  

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Maj. Voodoo

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Battletoads (NES) - for Retro Gaming League
RAGE (PC) - started to find out how similar is to Borderlands, except no robots, at least so far
FIFA17 (PS4) with my kid
Installed No Man's Sky and Just Cause 3 on PS4, but did not try either one
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Old 08 August 2017, 07:27   #3658

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Donkey Kong Country 2.

Never played those games, I begun with 1, found it to be kinda boring to be honest, people suggested me skip 1 and go for 2.

So after playing about 35% of DKC 1 I went to DKC2... and indeed is a much better game!
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At the time of release; Donkey Kong Country blew me away. There was nothing that looked and played as good. Absolute classic game!!!

Never did play Donkey Kong Country 2 back in the day but have finished this and it builds on the first with very cool ideas / features.

...haven't managed to finish Donkey Kong Country 3 though.
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Old 09 August 2017, 20:42   #3660
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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
At the time of release; Donkey Kong Country blew me away. There was nothing that looked and played as good. Absolute classic game!!!
Indeed, but it didn't scale very well; the later levels were not only difficult but really tiresome too where the slightest mistake could send you to do lengthy annoying sequences all over again.

But other than that the 2 player mode, the uncanny graphics (at the time), the music and the tons of hidden secrets made it a must have. Especially the under water music is one of my favorite gaming tunes.
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