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Adrian Browne
Jackie Chan
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Originally Posted by Greyfox View Post
this has been shocking list of events, I also backed this film , yet I've had to wait for nearly 5 years and then discover that the film being shown to possible people who did not even back the film , get to see it before the backers do this in my opinion is a disgrace and shouldn't have done that to paying backers, and the perks that have been promised are nowhere to be seen either or what the progress is?.

I've attempted a few times now to find how where things are and what's is required to help this get out there. I'm so dishearten about all of this now, the Amiga years been only a couple of weeks away will possible be everything Viva Amiga could of and should of been? At this stage a digital download would simple be enough to honour the backers of this kickstarter now, but that looks like it's off the table too.

Why is a digital download off the table? Yes, the Amiga years will be probably be definitive so Viva Amiga best get it's skates on.
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Sorry Adrian, what I meant to say was its probably unlikely we will see a digital download of this avalible as there has been not mention of the distribution logistics on how it will made available to the backers or updates, I believe that unfortunately the possible of all the money backers invested is now more than lightly gone on production expenses, travel and accommodation with no foresight to the production of bluray or even DVD releases at the point of fund raising, so until that is addressed I would suspect that Zack will want it distributed via those optic medias before been forces to release it digitally for download.
I would suggest he check out VHX regarding that.

I love to know whats going on? What has happened? And when? We deserve an eta at the stage.
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I can't believe that it's been over 4 years since the Kickstarter.
Still waiting, and I really wanted to see it, I have been backer since the beginning and yes, I think digital download would be nice before the physical stuff could be sent.

At this point it is possible that he does not have any funds to deliver on the perks that were promised and he's waiting for something..., because obviously the movie is done.
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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
Interesting. The reaction was the opposite at the Amiga30 event in the US. Maybe that's partially due to the amount of ex-Commodore staff that was at the event?
I don't think so, there was lots of ex Commodore/Amiga staff at the German event too, including Mical and Haynie.

If anything, it might be down to different tastes: one specific complaint was "too light on actual information" - that sounds like a very German complaint to me. US guys, on the other hand, seem to love pathos. So if he's got (say) Mical telling some heart warming story about what a great family they were and how much fun they had and then somebody stands up and sings the national anthem, the US crowd would be much more likely to enjoy the experience while your average German viewer might be bored to death.

But like somebody already said: let's wait for the finished product before judging it.
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Old 07 January 2016, 23:43   #25
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A message has appeared that 'distribution' has now been setup. Hoping that it is going to be easy to get a copy outside of the State.

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Old 08 January 2016, 07:03   #26
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In these days there shouldn't be a problem unless living in Nothkorea. I wouldn't understand if you couldn't order it easily in europe.
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Old 09 December 2016, 19:58   #27
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I've just seen the Facebook page of Viva Amiga: The Documentary:


Where they are showing a nice video that you will like to see, and a date: January 6, 2017
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Old 09 December 2016, 20:35   #28
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6 weeks guys....6 weeks!
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Old 10 December 2016, 02:18   #29
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Or on Hulu now, I just watched it a few minutes ago.
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Old 10 December 2016, 03:22   #30
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Tried to, but it says it can't be watched outside the US.
Also tried with a proxy, but it detected it and blocked me again.

Seems I'll have to wait for good old torrents, unless they open up the stream for international viewers.
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Old 10 December 2016, 05:14   #31
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Click image for larger version

Name:	hulu.jpg
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ID:	51254
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Old 12 December 2016, 12:53   #32
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They could have easily distributed a digital download to the backers via Steam or iTunes and sent out redemption codes to backers, utterly ridiculous that backers are the *last* people to view it!
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Originally Posted by Mr.Flibble View Post
They could have easily distributed a digital download to the backers via Steam or iTunes and sent out redemption codes to backers, utterly ridiculous that backers are the *last* people to view it!
Yes, it all seems strange. I was unaware of the fact that the documentary has been released to the public over in the US. I went to the Viva Amiga Facebook page, but could not see any information about it. I backed this project years ago, but have yet to see the film.
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Hulu and the other ondemand channels may have paid for exclusivity... Backers screwed. I still doubt a physical release will happen in January.
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Old 23 December 2016, 07:19   #35
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I just watched this on Hulu. To be honest, after all the buildup, I was quite disappointed with it. Now I'm even more glad that I didn't back it.

The comments about not enough information are spot on. The time wasted on the current demo scene and chiptune parties would have been much better spent on the rest of the content.

They bragged about all the interviews they had done. Maybe they did but what made it into the movie was mostly just fluff. Not much information at all.

After having watched both, I'd definitely recommend people watch Bedrooms instead. Much more information. I'd hate to have backed this only to have so much of the money raised spent on 3D work that isn't very good (the models for the computers look terrible) and is just time wasting, useless eye candy.

TL;DR If you can watch it free on Hulu or somewhere else, fine. Otherwise, spending money on it would be disappointing IMO.
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Old 23 December 2016, 08:57   #36
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I wonder if it's too late for a refund...
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Just finished watching this...worth waiting five years FOR? .....In all honesty .....YES....I've loved the style and editing acumen Zachary Weddington has excused within the film's presentation and insight. The flow works very well and although some of it content has being covered since, this doesn't matter, it's about the Amiga and this film truly champions this throughout the entire film. I was sorry not to see the Cyber Babe model make appearance within the film as Zach so wanted in this included...

The only qem for me was no coverage of what is a huge clunk of the Amiga community the "Demo Scene" a real missed opportunity here or enough insight with Pacific software that made the Amiga mind blowing. .Newtek was great, but should have had more company profiles included, it's no biggie though, you won't really notice the time flying by..and last but not least the Duration of the film...1hr? Really? How did this happen? Generally any documentaries I've ever seen are normally 1hr 30 mins or greater? It was all over way to soon for me...so soon...made me sad...hopefully the extras due will help ease the pain.

If you love the old school stuff and computers regardless what you owned this is well worth getting , it's another archived slice of computer history everyone should see and own..if not only to see my name in the credits at the end.☺

Last edited by Greyfox; 07 January 2017 at 13:18. Reason: upon receiving it's final release of the film
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I saw this myself just now (paid £3.75 for an SD rental on Amazon) and I was reasonably entertained, although I realised after a while they were almost exclusively covering the Amiga from the US side of things and barely touching the Demoscene in Europe, which frankly is possibly the only thing keeping Amiga alive now, as far as I know. But in all, it was a reasonable documentary, although I doubt it will keep the interest of non-Amiga lovers. In fact, my Amiga-hating friend from back in the day, if he saw the second half of this documentary he'd laugh his head off, as would a die-hard PC owner I knew back around the same time.

I thought I was a die-hard Amiga zealot, but some of these people are REALLY committed, whereas I jumped ship just a year after Commodore went bust, partially for that reason but mainly because of a little PC game called Doom.
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Saw it yesterday, sorry, *not* worth waiting 5 years for.
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Old 08 January 2017, 21:44   #40
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Can't say i was very impressed considering how long it has been in the making, far to short. As already mention Bedrooms to Billions Amiga Years was far better.
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