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WHDLoad 18.3

the final version 18.3 of WHDLoad has been released. It contains the following changes:

- chg: don't check for read-only-filesystem if option SavePath is used (issue #3355)
- fix: if option SavePath is used and the save path is not yet created WHDLoad will no longer try to delete files in the normal data directories if resload_DeleteFile is called
- fix: resload_SaveFileOffset now correctly works on files which are not preloaded and not yet present in the SavePath, in older releases dos error #203 was reported (issue #3355)
- chg: the behavior of the option CACHE in kickemu (sources/whdload/kick*.s) has been changed, previously it set the chip memory non cacheable (NC) now it sets it cacheable write-through (WT), recompiling Slaves using this option will change this for the resulting Slaves, for machines with cpu caches and no MMU otherwise no caches are enabled at all by WHDLoad
- chg: splash window corrected for non standard window borders (Mikhail Malyshev)
- fix: resload_DeleteFile reworked, no longer supports deleting directories, delete operation is cached if file was preloaded, now correctly works together with SavePath/K option
- chg: checking for a read-only filesystem is performed after executing a possible ExecuteStartup now (Stephane Julien)
- chg: kickemu now uses the host system bplcon0 to init gb_bplcon0, this should preserve genlock/lace setup (issue #2858), WHDLoad itself also use gb_bplcon0 for the initial custom setup
- fix: the interrupt redirect feature of ACA now correctly works with programs depending on the supervisor bit in the interrupt stack frame, this should fix problems with install using the kickstart emulation (Toni Wilen)
- chg: on 68060 the store/load bypass is no longer disabled if the cpu revision is >= 5
- new: support for Vampire/Apollo added, will be detected as 68040 now (older WHDLoad detected a 68020 because the presence of MSP and CAAR registers), MMU is always disabled
- fix: kickemu now correctly enables the fpu via resload_SetCPU if NEEDFPU is set

I hope it will be useful
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Awesome. Thanks Wepl It is working well

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One of the best buy I have done ever. Thanks Wepl!
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Many thanks!
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Send a message via MSN to dlfrsilver
Thanks Wepl
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Thank you!!! Fantastic!
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WEPL : This is some awesome job, thank you very much sir !

I am the proud owner of a real WHDLoad key, and even if the program is now free, I have a certain joy seeing my registered version each time I launch it
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So do I
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Be glad you never met me in real life Wepl - because then I would hug you. Thanks!!

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Hi Wepl, and many thanks for the hard work
don't know if it's the right place to report a bug...

but 18.3 crash the system at every exiting. 18.2 worked fine on this point.

the only thing i can provide is this :
Date : Saturday 08-Apr-17 03:40:44
Task : 080020D4 "Unknown"
Error : 80000025 (DEADEND)
By : System: no alert occured
Cause : Uninitialized TRAP #5 vector
it's the same everytime.

my config :

A3000 - OS 3.9 BB4
cyberstorm mk3 060 at 75 Mhz 128 MB ram
cybervision 64
deneb (with custom kickstart in the flashrom)
x-surf 100
prisma megamix

hope this can help to understand what happend

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Originally Posted by whaka View Post
don't know if it's the right place to report a bug...
but 18.3 crash the system at every exiting. 18.2 worked fine on this point.
please create a issue in the bugtracker
and choose whdload as project
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Old 09 January 2018, 09:58   #15
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I have the exact same issue, http://mantis.whdload.de/view.php?id=3664, with a Highway USB card. So what's the solution? Revert back to 18.2 or shall I try a 18.4 beta?
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try a 18.4 beta
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