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FS-UAE not supporting Retina resolution?

I think the the Amiga emulation screen on OSX is not making use of Retina resolution.

It would be nice to have the full resolution available for higher resolution shaders etc.

On my Macbook Pro, it looks like the emulated Amiga screen is using pixel doubling to display the image. My Retina desktop resolution is 2880*1800, but the UAE display runs at a maximum of 1440*900 when I expand it to fullscreen. Basically, FS-UAE acts like a legacy app with no retina support.

I am attaching a screenshot showing proof of the pixel doubling. This was taken with a sharp-bilinear filter which would be greatly improved by full Retina support.

Can Retina support be enabled somehow?
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Yes, it can. You need to head into the application bundle (right click, "Show Package Contents") and then into the /Contents directory. In there is an info.plist file. Open it in any text editor, and inside the list of stuff insert this:


with the rest of the keys. That enables retina resolutions for applications.

Note also that there is another app bundle inside the launcher bundle, you'll need to perform the same operation on that one too.
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Interesting. If I do that in both bundles, I indeed see the option "open in low resolution mode" in get info, which I can deselect or select now.

But even when I make sure to deselect that option, the emulation screen/window is still running in the "doubled" mode where each Amiga pixel is limited to a square of 2*2 screen pixels, even when scaling by non-integer factors. In other words, I get the same result as in my picture.

So no, it doesn't work that way. The Amiga screen is still pixel-doubled.

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