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Did you know?

I thought I would start a new thread where people can tell other people 'amazing' facts about the Amiga and its scene that they probably dont know about..

So to start...

Did you know that the very first Issue of 'Amiga Computing' had the word 'Computing' missing from the front page! :hoo
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That's a pretty cool fact !

(And a rather silly mistake on their behalf

Thanks for that bit of info Big-Byte
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Okay, I've got a cool one:

Three years (!!) ago, Amiga Inc. got a phonecall from the US Airforce. The Airforce wanted to order 600 (!) Amiga mice. Of course, everybody at Amiga was pretty stunned - what would the Airforce want to do with 600 mice? Well, unfortunately, Airforce didn't want to go into detail, so all we know is that they needed them for some kind of "flight sim related stuff".

Wouldn't that make a cool thread for the nostalgia section?

"Cody's most likely candidates for the Airforce simulator"

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why didn't actually need 600 Amigas aswell, i don't remember any 2 player flightsims for the Amiga???
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Flight sims? You mean, like "Blue Max" or "Red Baron"?
Or simple shoot-em up's like ""Dogfight"?
[There was also an excellent flight sim named "Dogfight" as well]
That's a good question.
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