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New here but not the Amiga

Hi everyone, i'm a bit of a noob to the EAB but have used various Amiga systems in my life . I'm really just posting to ask if there is an easy/lowcost (aka. FREE ) way that i can copy the data from all the Amiga disks i have over to the PC (Still hate using that word, always stood for P*sh Computer to me back in the day).

Main reason is, i feel it would be of benefit to have a backup as it were, of all my rapidly agaeing demos, games, homemade Octamed music, without the fear of my disks grinding like an old man's arthritic condition when i put them in my drive.

Is it possible to do something like this without major mods to PC or Amiga, like via serial connection etc.

Any help on doing this would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I have 1 A500
1 A500+ (With Ram upgrade, Unsure what breed though)
1 A600 (faulty A601)
1 A1200 (170Mb HDD, Still works, surprisingly)
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Yup, you could try Sernet or TwinExpress (for nullmodem). Or Parnet (uses a laplink paralell cable). I think all these programs are available on Aminet.
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Hi maddoc666,
welcome. I am pretty new here also, and not much use to you with techs stuff. I have a miggy1200 and use easy adf transfer at the moment to move files around. Its pretty cheap on erobber.
hope to see ya around
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Many thanks for the welcome and greetz. That to me is the great thing about the Amiga community. Fellow users & more amiga tech savy are always willing to help each other out. More so than the PC culture we have grown to love and loathe at the same time. Still, I suppose as Amiga users we were/are more able to help as we had/have more of a standard or all round platform to help each other with.

Think i may go for the TwinExpress option, null modem cables are a bit more easy to come by nowadays compared to Laplink if my memory serves right. (and more compatible).

I Think i actualy used TwinExpress at one point a long, long time ago too. If i remember rightly, it had a program for each machine for transfers. One for the PC and one for the Amiga, Only got the software on the Amiga due to having a nice PCMCIA CD-Rom i used on the 1200 (Still works to this day, at least 11 yrs old now, lasted longer than most of the DVD Burners i have had on the PC), burned to disc on PC and ran on the A1200.

Can't remember though, does the TwinExpress software transfer and crunch at thesame time e.g. DMS or some other format? Pretty sure it did.
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Why not get a cdrw or even dvdrw for the amiga and just burn cds/dvds? you have the interface why not use it? also, it'll be quicker I'd say that using some cable transfer.

Just transplant one of your pc ide cdrw/dvdrw as long as the pcmcia connection is ide and not scsi
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I was thinking around the same sort of line as yourself but im 90% sure the CD-Rom for the miggy that i have is Scuzzy based (4x). It runs from a squirrel PCMCIA interface to a centronics (I think and hope i spelled that correctly) connector. I don't know if that is Scuzzy based or IDE controlled within the CD-Rom casing but i will double check tommorow and confirm either way.

However, how can i get my floppy disks to a native format that follow these goals:

1: Transferal from Amiga to PC (Cross Platform kind of thing).

2: Allow for backing up to PC (Easy if reading 3.5 from my Miggy to PC is possible, i suppose)

3: Creating my backups in such a way that it is relatively easy to restore from either end. Wether transfering from PC to Miggy directly or a CDR on the Miggy itself.

Like i said before, i am not a complete noob regarding the Amiga, just heavily out of practice. So i am willing to give most things a wee bash to see if it can be done.

Oh, and P.S. If you ever get the chance, give the new Knight Rider series a wee look at, first few are a build up (CRAPPY) but past ep11 to 12 it is starting to get back to origins/coolness of the old tv series.

"One MIGGY Can Make A Difference, Commodore." Can almost see an A1200 running in the heart of K.I.T.T. Voice box lighting up with the Amiga Colours and whiny DF0: click.
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Originally Posted by maddoc666 View Post
It runs from a squirrel PCMCIA interface to a centronics (I think and hope i spelled that correctly) connector.
nod, how could I have forgotten about one of these interfaces, I own one. Yes it is differently scsi. I do have a couple of scsi cdrws so they are out there.

I'd be more likely to use the Amiga, read all the disks in as dms or adf and burn to iso standard amiga and ibm are happy with and worry about restoring them ibm end later. I'm sure there are many options. I'm even thinking you don't need them to be physical anymore either as such. UAE probably will run them straight from dms/adf format if you wanted to view the disks someday down the road.

As for Knight Rider I'm sure it bridges the gab however I hardly ever watch anything since watching something is not interactive, entertainment like that is simply entertainment for the sake of it, very low priority in my life if it rates at all and I haven't watched tv for well over 15 years. What do I do? well it's ain't boring
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The easiest and quickest way would be to dump all the disk to your A1200's HD (I assume it's IDE) and later connect it to the PC and copy the files over using WinUAE.

TwinExpress is a pain in the a**. 8.3 file name limitations, only works with DOS. It's pretty fast though.

If you want to use a link-up method I'd recommend Paradise which uses parallel ports.
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