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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Ok, as i wish to recruit, i must at least give something to do.
; a0=source, a1-a4=dest
 move.w #1999,d0
 movem.l (a0)+,d1-d4
 move.l d1,d5
 swap d5
 move.w d3,d5
 move.l d5,(a2)+
 move.l d1,d5
 swap d3
 move.w d3,d5
 move.l d5,(a1)+
 move.l d2,d5
 swap d5
 move.w d4,d5
 move.l d5,(a4)+
 move.l d2,d5
 swap d4
 move.w d4,d5
 move.l d5,(a3)+
 dbf d0,.loop
<snip> Or do it for ARM or whatever cpu. <snip>
With VASM out, I figured it might be time to post something for "whatever CPU".
 move #999,d0
 load (a0)+,E0          ;a0 b0 c0 d0 (.w)
 load (a0)+,E1          ;a1 b1 c1 d1
 load (a0)+,E2          ;a2 b2 c2 d2
 load (a0)+,E3          ;a3 b3 c3 d3
 transhi E0-E3,E4:E5    ;E4: a0 a1 a2 a3 E5: b0 b1 b2 b3
 translo E0-E3,E6:E7    ;E6: c0 c1 c2 c3 E7: d0 d1 d2 d3
                     ;TRANS has latency, 1 cyc lost in this example
 store E4,(a1)+         ;
 store E5,(a2)+         ;
 store E6,(a3)+         ;
 store E7,(a4)+         ;inner loop assembles to 10 * 32 Bit
 dbf   d0,.loop          ;plus move, dbf = 12 * 32 Bit
Code as shown will process 32 bytes per run in 11 cycles. Obviously, it won't be of much use in the original scenario as data keeps piling up in the write buffers (as long as A1-A4 are in Chip). But it'll perform quite nicely when A1-A4 point to a fast memory location.
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Unfortunately for you this thread is about code density. And your example shows no benefit at all in this area.

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Why do all these threads keep going downhill; it's usually the same people arguing???

I really don't have time to be reading through 7 pages of bickering between you guys... I need to prepare for a new job over the weekend so...

Closed for now until another GM has time to review.
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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Closed for now until another GM has time to review.
Done, thanks Damien!

Thread reopened. Now, let's try again, shall we, guys?

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Ok, let's try again.

I have a new case to submit. It's a complicated one, of course to do in a minimal amount of code.
This is a real life case, but discussing details would probably lead to endless OT.

Here is pseudo-code as i guess an explanation wouldn't be clear enough :
struct = data           ; some rel(pc) array of structs with sizeof =8
x = struct[5] >>4       ; -- -- -- -- -- x-
v1=table[x*2]           ; attn: table too far for d8(pc,ix) but ok for d16(pc)
v2=table[x*2 +1]
if flag and v2>=0 goto skip  ; v2>=0 is bit #7 test
cc = (v2<0)                  ; set condition (passed to call func via some reg)
if flag then cc=0
var = (v1&128) + (v2&15)     ; but bits 6,5,4 of var are "don't care"
call func (struct,cc,var)
skip:                   ; value in var is unimportant if we skip
struct = struct +8      ; next item (sizeof =8)
if struct[0]<>0 or struct[1]<>0 or struct[2]<>0 or struct[3]<>0 goto loop
if flag goto error
flag = 1
goto start
Function called here (actually unrelated inline code) will sometimes not return so we don't necessarily end up at error label.

Note : pseudo-code is of course not optimal.
Use as few registers as you can.

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