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A1200 with video issues

Hello there,

I recently plugged back my 1200 in after several years of inactivity and after about 10-15 minutes, the 1084 it was connected to suddenly popped with a high pitched sound which rapidly stopped while the image went blank. The Rys which was plugged on the 1200 also stopped displaying its LED light strangely, and the 1200 did not respond to a keyboard reset. So I shut down the monitor and the 1200.

This monitor had issues with its power button which does not stay plugged on and has to be coerced into no shutting itself off with a piece of paper so I initially thought that a partial power connection had damaged the monitor.

I brought a second 1084 monitor of a slightly different model, connected it to the 1200 and put them back online: this seemed to work fine as the 1200 booted normally and displayed a proper image.

After about 10-15 minutes however, the same issue than with the first monitor occured: sudden sound (more of a pop this time), image goes blank and Rys LED turns off while keyboard refuses to allow a reset.
This time, I started to suspect something wrong with the 1200 so I turned everything off, waited a few seconds, and put everything back on: the 1200 booted but with a yellow tinted image: clearly the blue channel was missing.
I shut everything down, then plugged a 500+ into the monitor:
no issues with this one, image perfectly fine.

This seemed to indicate an issue with the 1200 itself so I opened it and smelled around a bit and noticed a (little) bit of a cat pee smell over the video processor so I suspect that this might be a capacitor issue.

What do you guys think? Is this kind of video issue a usual symptom in case of capacitor failure? Which tests and verifications should I make to diagnose the problem better?

I will be soon trying to test the previous monitor again with the 500+ to verify that it its still functioning (which should confirm the faulty 1200 hypothesis) and will take pictures of the 1200 board on this thread.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Visual inspection of the motherboard comes first. Bad caps and other types of corrosion. Post pics here if you can.
PSU is another usual suspect, but for that you'll need to measure output with a multimeter.
The smell can also come from the monitor btw!
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Yep, a funky smell is often given off by capacitors when they're leaking and they warm up. I think it smells kinda like rotting fish but that's just my take on it... Anyway, it's a sure sign that they need to be changed ASAP. If everything's still working, even for a few minutes, that's a good thing as there probably isn't much permanent damage. Warming up is often enough to send a borderline part over the edge, so that would fit with it working for 10-15 minutes. Get it recapped as soon as you can and I would be 90% sure your problems will go away. If not, at least you've eliminated that possibility and you can look at other things like the PSU or a cracked joint on the motherboard.
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Yup, although i also agree rotten fish sounds a bit over the top, more like stinky feet
When you recap, ask for what i call a full healthcheck of your mobo by the recapper, decent ones will have what it takes to do that. I did that with mine and some other (potential) issues were fixed at the same time
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If you sense the cat pee smell, capacitors are at fault for sure.
I don't know how long you had it off for, but I am sure the machine could benefit from a full recapping.
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