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Question A600 IDE2CF: Volumes disappears

A strange behaviour on my A600 with a working CF which I used to boot from.

Lately the volumes on the CF disappear while using the computer. No problem, after a reboot they were there again and this happened 2-3 time in maybe a month.

But now the problem is worst, dh0: and dh1: disappear just at the beginning of the startup-sequence, hanging the computer. After a reset, on the boot menu, I can't see any volume from the CF and a second reset is needed, just to hang everything again at startup-sequence.

the CF boots flawlessly under WinUAE, so I exclude any software issue.

what can it possibly be?
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Perhaps this could be a voltage shifting issue.

I had a very curious case with Integral / Lexar / PNY CF cards and an Integeral USB CF Card reader.

Once I had prepared them on the Host (A1200) - popped them into my USB Reader and powered up WinUAE and dumped a CWOS3.9 with all the WHDLoad trimmings an Amiga needs to grow on - the Amiga couldn't even see the CARDS in the early post menu.

I though - okay something is wrong here - popped them back on the PC/WinUAE and sure enough they would boot and play and frolic (as CF cards do) - yet couldn't be seen by the A1200 [ crazy right? ]

So tried it on another A1200 and the A600 - no go - still works on the PC

I was about to give up, after changing cables and adaptor - and it was the last one that I think maybe a root cause somewhere.

I have a CF to 40pin IDE adaptor that can be set to 3.3v or 5v for the CF card (yes there is a 3.3v LDO regulator onboard) - so knowing the cards are 5v I set it to 5v and amazingly the cards booted on the Amiga.

This is a good hour and half in - so again scratching ones head - so I tried to replicate the experiement by using my USB adaptor with WinUAE to copy files onto the CF Card.

Sure enough with a common CF-IDE interface - had the same problem - even the Amiga Post Menu couldn't see the disks. plugged in my other adaptor that can change the voltage - and it worked perfectly.

After the 3.3v / 5v switching CF-IDE adaptor I then tried them again with a common CF - IDE interface and the cards worked flawlessly.

So from this study, I suspect that the CF card is being shifted to 3.3v operation via the USB adaptor - only to not work when plumbed onto the native Amiga IDE.

After using the 3.3v/5v switchable CF card adaptor it then puts the card back into 5v operation which then works on the Amiga in a common IDE interface.

I have a had an identical problem with the Spectrum 8bit IDE's as well - although in most cases the Spectrum host would see the device as a garbled mess.

I hope that helps.
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thanks, that can be the cause. I'm afraid I can't try this solution because my IDE2CF comes with nothing more than a slave/master jumper.
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