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How do you stop your hard drive taking memory

Hi,If I load a AGA game from my Gotek and the hard drive is active it comes up with out of memory,is there a setting I can change on my hard drive(its a CF btw) to stop it using up memory..?

Is it the max buffer or something..? I don't want to wipe my hard drive .
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If your drive is partitioned in several partitions, you can disable one or several in the early startup menu. Otherwise, you can change the number of buffers in HDToolbox. It's a non-destructive process.
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What about disabling hd from early boot menu?
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Originally Posted by Cobe View Post
What about disabling hd from early boot menu?
That work just wounded..thanks
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If you plan to use machine without plenty of fast mem, you shouldn't use that big buffers on partitions. I think something like 128 is quite enough in real use.

I myself have put more than enough buffers on my Amiga with 128MB fast mem, but once when I disabled the accelerator, it all went for HD buffers :P I used to have block size of 1024 bytes and then 600 buffers or so, so it took 600k per partition, and I had many partitions 2MB of chip mem alone wasn't quite enough :P
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The buffer setting for each partition tells the OS how much memory to use for a buffer. The amount of memory that takes is:
(number of buffers) x (partition blocksize)
So, with 100 buffers on a partition with 512-byte block size, 51200 bytes (~51KB) are required. But 100 buffers with a 32KB block size will take 3200KB (~3.2MB). Reducing buffers will save you some RAM but reduce the performance of those partitions. Disabling partitions as already mentioned is an easy way of getting the RAM back temporarily.
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You can also do AddBuffers "" -1000 in a script for special cases when running memory tight, but do have at least 30 buffers on the partition you are working, or things will go very slow, especially on ffs.
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Disabling from ESM is the only thing that will work. I remember games like D-Generation of Heimdall 2 needing this to be done.
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