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optimod cracked

hi... does anyone have a version of optimod 4 without the nerve requester?
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Try here http://www.amiga-stuff.com/modpackers-download.html

Not sure if it's the one without the requester but it's worth a look
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move.l #$c0ff33,throat

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Cracked version attached, didn't really check it much though (just disabled the nerve requester, nothing more).
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File Type: lha opti_cracked.lha (7.5 KB, 153 views)
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oh, thank you stingray!
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Old 15 May 2009, 17:32   #5
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Here is later one too (V4.41).
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Old 15 May 2009, 22:47   #6
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thanx a lot jpv!
i didn't even know such a new version existed!
great stuff!
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Old 26 May 2020, 20:01   #7

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As this subject interests me at the moment, here is the latest version I found of this software : OptiMod v5.20

History since version 4.00 :
Version 4.30

   Released: 930616

   * OptiMod seems to be 100.00 % safe now!

   * Added option: NORESAVE/S - Don't save if no gain! (For floppy
     users mostly, suggested by Kalle Kiviaho)

   * Added Time estimation in Short2 mode. Estimates the time it will
     take to play the  module. (Not 100% perfect yet.)

   * Added conversion for old NoiseTracker replen to be converted to
     ProTracker replen. This will automaticly be done. This will make
     the module SOUND a lot BETTER. Fixes a lot of problems.

   * Enhanced the optimization routines, could save more bytes.
Version 4.40

   Released: 930625

   * New routines in v4.30 caused the modules to crash sometimes, I'm
     very sorry for this! * NEVER USE V4.30 AGAIN!!!! *
Version 4.41

   Released: 930627

   * Optimized code, shorter executable.

   * I'm not using MCAsm (assembler) anymore cause of all bugs! It
     generates wrong code!

   * Some 020+ commands (oops) removed to become 100% compatible with
     000 processors.
Version 5.00

   Released: 931215

   * Been a while since last update! Sorry for the long delay!!!

   * Just to be noticed: Over one & a half year since v1.0 :-)

   * New faster PowerMusic decoding routines used, Thanks to Marcus
     Ottosson for sending them to me!!!

   * Instruments that are used without any note, ie in Chip-mods where
     instruments often are used just to change the sound, they're not
     'retrigged'. OptiMod will not optimize away those samples anymore.

   * Routine that optimizes unused samples rewritten  a bit (ie
     rewritten alot :-). A nasty bug removed. Haven't occured for me
     yet anyway, sample 16  could sometimes be optimized away.

   * Nasty bug removed that caused OptiMod to crash if the module was
     corrupted (instrument number>31) OptiMod will now repair those

   * If the instrument names are corrupted they will not trash the
     display when they are displayed with option INSTR.

   * Removed some strange text ('x123x') from the verbose output, it
     was printed at top of sample optimization. I must have used it for
     some debugging?!

   * Added option: REQ - For a small GUI. See REQ, for more info.

   * OptiMod didn't seem to handle the situation if there was no output
     window availble before, it just crashed. Not anymore.

   * OptiMod can now be started from Workbench, it also includes a
     beautiful icon. See Template, for more info.

   * OptiMod can now handle multiple files to optimize. This will speed
     up a lot of things, since OptiMod don't have to be loaded each

   * The DESTINATION option has change a little bit. In previous
     version did it require a filename as argument. It will now instead
     require a directory (due to the Multiple file handling).
     DESTINATION is now a keyword. See DESTINATION, for more info.

   * The documentation is almost completely rewritten. I hope this one
     is better.

   * Documenation is included as AmigaGuide-, Text- and DVI-file. Be
     sure to use a textviewer that supports bold & italic. The DVI-file
     is not 100% finished yet.. I'm sorry for that.

   * It's now possible to pay the registration fee to the 'Svenska
     Postgirot'. See SHAREWARE, for more info.
Version 5.10

   Released: 940103

   * MAJOR BUG: Most of the options that could be specified from Shell
     didn't work!!  Major mistake by me!  THIS VERSION WILL WORK..

   * Niklas Edmundsson found some strange spellingerrors in the
     documents, as usual! Fixed!

   * Happy New Year... Let this be a year with lots of new & great
     software for the AMIGA!
Version 5.20

   Released: 940316

   * OptiMod no longer contains the annoying shareware requesters!!
     This is why:
        * The future of OptiMod is in YOUR hands! You should send me
          the ShareWare-money if use it. I will NOT continue to
          develope OptiMod for the public if I don't get any responce!!
          Think about this!!

        * Registred users won't get the special keyfile, but the will
          be inserted into the list of registred users! Using OptiMod
          without paying the ShareWare fee is both immoral & stupid!!

   * Wanted: A nice MagicWB icon for OptiMod, does anyone feel like
     drawing one?
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File Type: zip OptiMod520.zip (52.3 KB, 33 views)
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