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Amiga 4000 at school

I was lucky enough to use Amiga 4000 at school. The school also had older Amiga 2500 computers for other curriculum.
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Zippy Zapp
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I went to High school in the 80's when Apple and C64 were still pretty New. That would have been awesome though, but our school was way behind in Technology. In 1986/87 we were using Pet's, TRS-80 Model III, and other assorted computers from late 70's/early 80's in our computer lab. Library had 2 Apple II's. Considering our district was very wealthy it was kind of lame that they did not spend more on computers until well into the 90's.
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When I went to high school, the computer lab in school had only outdated "Tiki 100" computers. They were developed in Norway specially for the schools, and I've only seen them in schools. They were running a CPM based DOS on Z80 CPU. THey had 64 Kb RAM and 32 Kb graphic memory and 4 Kb ROM. Together 100, where the name came from.
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We had a room full of Link 480z machines in 1986 (after they had been discontinued) with an original 12" Winchester hard drive. It never really impressed me as my ZX Spectrum at the time seemed far better. It certainly seemed to load 48k from tape faster but that was probably the dodgy network setup the school had. There were certainly far better / more games available on the good old Speccy
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Zippy Zapp
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I live just a few minutes from Silicon Valley where most of these computers were created and yet our schools had crap. Schools on the other continents had more modern stuff. Kind of funny, really.
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Because the schools in Norway had the Tiki 100 computers, a platform developed in Norway and only for the schools on specifications from the government, there was basically no software for it. CPM software could probably be used, but the only game I ever have seen on it is a Snake game, that I think came with it as it was mentioned in the manual.
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It was all BBC Micro/Achimedes when I was at school. When I went to college they had Apple Macs and 286/386 PC's.
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In middle school in Perry, Ohio, we had a lab of 16 C64's hooked through a VIC-Switch to a single 1541. The History/Geography teacher also ran the computer lab. For this reason, I was tasked with setting up the lab and the lessons every day, so I never learned middle school Geography at all. I couldn't tell you the capital of any country or even barely where they are on a map. Luckily, this worked out well, as the computer experience is what paid off in modern times and I can look up the other on Google maps.

I also seem to recall the math teacher in middle school having his own TRS-80 Model III with some math games, but I can't recall playing with it much - it must have been his personal machine. I think the "shop" teacher had a PET.

We moved around high school, and the school in Geneva, Ohio had a lab of TI99/4a's which I learned to work with and support for them. Moved again later in the 80's to Georgia, and they had an Apple IIe lab there...
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Commodore Pet's were the machine of choice at my school, and we even had a couple of C64's which were used by a couple of the older lads to create a game that Mastertronic bought and published.
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Stuck in the 80s

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At my old secondary school they had 3 - 4 Amiga 1500's in the CDT (Craft, Design & Technology) department.

I never got chance to use them personally - but I do remember some of the older students using Deluxe Paint II/III on them

A few years ago (around 2013) I emailed their IT manager to see if they had the 1500s in storage - but he didn't have a clue what I was on about (before his time ) It's scary to walk into most schools these days and the majority of teaching staff look like kids! I feel old
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Great photo. The art department at my high school had an Amiga 4000 but it was in the teacher's office so as far as I know nobody was ever allowed to use it.
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That's to bad. All student should have access to the A4000,
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We had bbc and Archimedes in school, then when I went to wakefield college we had some amiga 2000 I think. We used dpaint for some projects, I got great marks, but I had been using dpaint for 4-5 year by then, even think it may have impressed some of the girls for about 5 seconds.
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Monochrome and 8 bit

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Bah, we had a teletype terminal connected to an ICL 2903 via acoustic coupler when I was at school. 132 column (I think) teleprinter for output, and papertape storage.

We finally got a CBM4032 sometime around 1981, and later an RM480Z with drives. Which
is why I'm glad to see Bastich also mention a 480z, as according to the internet there was no such thing and Research Machines stopped at the 380Z.

Not that it mattered, as the Computer Studies teacher didn't have a clue how to use it.
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Mrs Beanbag
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We had a load of BBC Micros, that we used even up to about 1990, but then they were already being replaced by clunky RM Nimbuses. We also had a couple of Amstrad PCWs in the English department.

One time i suggested to the head of IT that they could get some Amigas and he dismissed them as a "game toy".
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I did a course on Fortran programing on an Apple II around 1984. A few years later I met my first Amiga, an A500, in an electronic music lab in City College of San Francisco. It was a bit out of place. The Mac and Atari ST were the main computers for sequencing back then. The lab had a couple of Serge Modular Analog Synthesizers that were really cool but not in fashion at the time. I was the only one who did projects on them. Apple computer dominated the education market in the US through the 90s and I don't think there were many Amigas in schools.
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The show must go on.
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Philips P2000 in my time 91-94 by that time already very outdated. Z80 cpu and a teletext chip for video output. Terrible machines to type on
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We had a load of Link 480Zs. They had a Lode Runner like game on them which I can't for the life of me remember the name of. Wish I could find out, it was superb.
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In Denmark, at least at my school we had some danish produced Piccoline computers (http://rc700.dk/index.php) Used those until 1989-1990 I think. After that it became some ordinary Pc's running DOS and mostly used for Wordperfect 5.0.
Using a Commodore 128D at my grandparents house from 1986-1990, until I got my own Amiga 500 in 1990 A long time ago!
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Tiki 100 was the only computer model in the computer lab when I went to high school, I think the high schools over here started to get IBM PC clones in the early 90's.
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