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Question Z Ordering?

I am stuck on Z Ordering. Let just say you got Airplane and Island.

Island at the bottom where the Airplane is top.

When come running the program, Island is top of the Plane. I try to plane Bob Sprites on top of Island Bob but for reason, Island Bob sprites is top of the airplane bob.

How do you do Z order in Amos?
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So, I haven't done AMOS programming in years, but my gut feeling is it works the same as in most languages: draw the Bobs in the correct order manually. Meaning: if you want the Island to be behind the Airplane, draw the Island first and then the Airplane. And vice versa if you want to reverse the priority.

This changes a bit if you are using hardware Sprites for either of the two (which isn't very clear from your text). Normally hardware Sprites will be on top of all other things in AMOS. This may or may not be a setting you can change, I can't remember after all these years.
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Thanks Roondar

It called Bob Priority where you sort the order which one to draw first

Another things I have learn is make sure that Iff image and all the bob image in same palette otherwise it going mess the palette it up which what I have done before!
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