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Newbie - where to start

I’ve got an Amiga 600 from when I was a kid. I set it up a couple of years ago and some of the games wouldn’t play. Unsure if it was the game or computer.

I’ve seen people on YouTube with the games preinstalled on their Amiga’s. What do I need to do this? It seems to be the way forward.
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Well I started back into Amiga about a year ago, I was in the same boat. Basically the way to go is have a compact flash card hard drive.

I don't know what way to do it with an A600 but I'm sure you can easily find out.

So basically you would need an IDE/compact flash adapter, use that with the A600 internal IDE connector, then have yourself a formatted compact flash card (which will take time to setup). Once you get to the stage of having a CF card formatted and workbench installed you would plug it into the Amiga. Now I'm sure there is a certain spec your A600 must have before it can run one of these CFHD but again that is something you need to look into.

I installed classic workbench 3.1 from here.


and I used this turtorial

[ Show youtube player ]

However your machine is A600 so best looking at a tutorial that shows how to setup a CF HD on that specific machine.

Hopefully I am pointing you in the right direction at least

PS Be patient
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These people are probably using something call WHDLoad.

Apart from the Compact Flash adaptor, you will also need a couple of RAM upgrades. You will need a 1Meg Chip Ram expansion to go in the trapdoor, as the A600's 1Meg isn't enough to run WHDLoad on it's own.

You would also need at least 4Meg of Fast Ram to run WHDLoad reliably. This can be expanded through the PCMCIA slot, but these cards are expensive and are becoming difficult to find. There are Fast Ram upgrades which clip onto the CPU, and this is probably the way to go. If you're going to do that though, you may as well install an accelerator such as the Furia. This is a reasonably priced card that will upgrade your 600 to a 68020 running at 33MHz and includes 9.5Meg of Fast Ram. Bear in mind though, the Furia is fussy about Compact Flash cards, so it is recommended to use an IDE to SD Card adaptor instead of Compact Flash.

Alternatively, if you don't want to upgrade your Amiga, a much cheaper alternative would be to replace the floppy drive with a Gotek drive. This will allow you to load disk images from a USB drive, as if they were regular floppies. It's not as easy as running games from a hard drive, but it is more convenient than using floppy disks and it means you don't have to mess around with hard drives and RAM upgrades.

Hope this helps.

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Originally Posted by jbh1977 View Post
Alternatively, if you don't want to upgrade your Amiga, a much cheaper alternative would be to replace the floppy drive with a Gotek drive.
Gotek is nice and all, but where's the fun without Workbench?
Nevertheless, lot's of great advice's.
He can also think about ACA option, or, if he have funds, a Vampire option.
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Thanks for the advice, I’ll start googling and look deeper in to it all.

I’m sure I’ll be back with some questions.

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