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Discussion: XILEF

Title: XILEF

Genre: Platform/Infinite Runner

Original concept: Yes
So original I've not entirely decided on what it's going to do.

Expected game size: Infinite is the plan - it should procedurally generate new levels until you die (or maybe reach some MacGuffin)

Team members (Real or forum names):
Just me. I may use some open-source MODs if I run out of time/skill. Will be credited accordingly

Targeted spec: A500 512k+512k

Tools to be used: blitz2 & notepad++

Description of game:
I'm no artist or game designer so my plan is to procedurally generate as much content as I can. Taking inspiration from Rogue and Temple Run, the plan is to generate a new level each time based on a random seed, then you have to get to the end of that level, and generate a new seed, etc. I've not really worked out the mechanics of it yet.

This will be my first Amiga game and I have no expectations that it will win, or even be playable. At the moment I have some purple blobs wandering about the screen, which I consider a major coding achievement - this should give you some idea about how successful this endeavour may be.
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Good luck on your maiden voyage in Amiga coding, sounds promising.
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Can anyone recommend a tool for sprite creation? I've had a go with DeluxePaint but I can't seem to get one with it. Maybe something for Windows?
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GraphicsGale is freeware and very good:

Cosmigo Promotion has a free, limited version that might suffice:
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RedShapeZ is part of Ultimate Blitz.
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This may look unexciting but I've got infinite scrolling (horizontal) working. I've had to put in a couple of hacks I don't fully understand but it seems to be scrolling and not jumping about anywhere.

For those interested, I'm using a wide bitmap and using the draw-behind-and-ahead method. I seem to be around vpos 64 so that gives me quite a bit of margin for the rest of the game.

Ideally I'd scroll both horizontally and vertically, but that might have to be something of a stretch goal.

If anyone know how to easily turn winuae output into an animated gif, I can show you scrolling in all its glory.
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Also - I'm trying to make a bootable disk image, for testing.
I've formatted a disk, run "install df0:", created s:startup-sequence on it which just contains the name of my executable... and it hangs on reboot.

Do I need some blitz libraries or something?
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You didn't format it in FFS? Cause that'll work only on ks2.0+
Most likely you'll need diskfont.lib and mathtrans probably.
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Graham Humphrey
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Yes, you will be needing the mathrans.library for sure. Diskfont.library I think is only needed if you're loading in a different font.
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