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Success at last - Classic Workbench ADVSP + 8GB CF

What a complete nightmare this has been for both the A600 and A1200 in terms of getting a 4GB to work and a 8GB CF. The A600 needed a KS3.1 Rom but it wasn't until much later that I realised the problems came down to not just the adapter but the 8GB CF as well.

I pretty much gave up getting the 8GB working with the A600 and instead went for a very basic 4GB workbench install via a friends image, which meant for the most part it was working fine ( needs more ram though )

However throughout last night and today I just had to get the 8GB working via the A1200, as too many times I've ran out of space and I wanted more! Yet even with multiple images via Facebook friends, and a massive help from FitzSteve, it just wouldn't work(: Error reading DH0 not a DOS disk : Black Screen

Today is a success

1) First of all I used two different online setup guides to be able to have multiple partitions for a larger hard drive (pfs3aio_handler) and then fitzsteve's guide for installing ClassicWB. Yet every time I tried to quick format DH0 or DH1 it would have trouble doing so, such as failing to create a trashcan or not being able to rename the drive.

- When I took the adaptor out and put it back in and tried again, it worked, so that showed a CF/PC adaptor fault -

2) Secondly, while the adaptor was working I copied over the system.zip file to the main system DH0 and used the classicwb real amiga install ADF to install ADVSP

3) Upon installing all my AGA games to DH1 it again ran into that frustrating block error, yet it worked fine with only half the space full. So I deleted the partition, tried a smaller one, and this time everything loaded as it should.

4) Tried to copy over a game though and again block error, so nearly giving up I tried the Pfs3 doctor file which was mentioned in my frustration thread by a helpful member. In using it, it found loads of issues and fixed them all, which meant I had to re-copy over my AGA games... But at least it was all working when I rebooted and played all my games!

Oh and it works perfectly in the Amiga 1200 with C:acatune, if anything it's much better than before and I have nearly 2GB of free space to do what I want, with a brand new advsp install. Not the lite version I had before

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It's true, sometime doing things on a real Amiga is a pain but the satisfaction is even higher after all that work!
Enjoy your system!
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Originally Posted by liviux76 View Post
It's true, sometime doing things on a real Amiga is a pain but the satisfaction is even higher after all that work!
Enjoy your system!
Yeah, nothing like a good torture session to make life more enjoyable!

Seriously though, it wouldn't hurt if this process was automatized and streamlined. Any newcomer to the Amiga would conclude that the system is a lost cause and never reach the end of the procedure.

If we, as a community, want new people to discover the Amiga, we ought to fix this very process. Given that having a CF card based storage is a huge help in using an Amiga, this should be a priority.
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I think we should have images stored on the Zone, such as 4GB - 8GB - A600/A1200 etc
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Problem with that is they'll end up on eBay for £30 a pop, well once the seller writes them to a CF card he buys for 6 quid
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