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Amiga 1000 parallel port

OK, I got my first A1000 a bit ago.
Still working on it, but one of the things I've found out is that it doesn't have a "standard" parallel port.
Now, neither did the other Amigas, but it was not standard with those.

From what I can tell, there are a few differences.

1: The gender is different different. Easy fix..
2: Pin1 on the A1000 is listed as DRDY* and on the others, it's listed as STROBE.. Is that different???
3: The A1000 has 5V on pin 23 when the other Amigas have GND and it has GND on pin 14 where the other Amiga's have 5V. Does anything use that? (Digiview/sound samplers maybe??)
4: Pin16 on the A1000 is GND and the others, it's RESET. Pin25 on the A1000 is RESET and GND on the others. Important?
5: Pin24 on the A1000 is not connected, GND on the others.

So, I am going to hook up my DCTV to my Amiga 1000. Probably won't do much digitizing, but it will be fun to have it available...

If I build a cable that: (This is close but not quite right. One in my post below is better.)
flips 14 and 23
flips 16 and 25
turns 24 into GND

Would that make the port a "standard" Amiga printer port?

Also, for serial, I just need a gender changer??



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I had an A1000 20 years ago, the first thing I did was plug standard printer cable to the parallel port and fry it, I think, CIA chip. So be careful.
After that, I purchased printer cable made just for A1000 from local Amiga dealer. I wonder if I still have that cable??? Probably not.
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maybe on the amiga 1000 manual there is a pinout specification for serial and parallel
with the correct pinout data then you can make the modifications
but I wonder if parallel samplers or printers will works fine on that computer
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Thread necro, but it is my own thread.
I am finally planning on making my adapter. ;-)
I found some other sites that listed DRDY as a type of strobe, so I believe those are the same.

All I should need to do is swap 3 pairs of pins.

14 & 23 - GND & +5v
15 & 24 - GND & NC (Not sure this is totally necessary, but for completion sake. ;-)
16 & 25 - GND & Reset
That adapter should make an A1K port the same as the other Amigas.

Just for giggles, I decided to compare it with a standard PC port.
I think the big problem comes in with the Amiga 1000 having +5v on pin 23.
The 500 and above have it on pint 14, which is AUTOFD (Autofeed) on a PC port. So most likely anything seeing that will see autofeed forced on all the time. Probably not a big deal.
And the 500 just has GND on 23, which is what the PC has. And that is the problem.

Most devices are expecting GND on pin 23, and the A1k has +5v there....
Not good. That would combine 5v to GND. ;-(

Just as an FYI, the rest of the differences between the Amiga and PC parallel ports.

15 - Error
16 - INIT (Is this the same as RESET on the Amiga? Probably.)
17 - SELIN (Select In)

Other that those 4, the PC and the Amiga 500/2000 on are pinned the same...

I'll let you know when I finish and if I blow up my Amiga. ;-)
Probably won't hook up a printer. (Although I do still have some parallel printers.. I don't know why.. ;-)
I do have a DCTV hooked up to my A1000, so I could test the video capture just to see if it works.
I am also thinking of maybe setting up / building a PLIPbox. But haven't done that yet.

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I'm glad you bumped this! I bought a parnet cable and was thinking a gender change was all that was required! That could have been a nasty mistake!
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I’d like to build an adaptor as well
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OK, the A1000 isn't smoking. ;-)
The DCTV isn't smoking.

As I don't seem to be able to show embedded images from google photos, here is a link to the shot:

Basically, it is a shot of my Amiga 1000 running DCTV and I have captured a video image from my Jakks Pacific Pacman TV game (needed something with composite output).
Worked great.
The DCTV captures via the parallel port, and I have it connected to my A1000 with my modified gender bender.

Basically all I did was as above.
I took an existing DB25 gender bender. Luckily I had the type that comes in a little plastic case. Took off that case and there were 26 (25 + shield) wires.
I desoldered 14, 15, 16, 23, 24, and 25 and then moved them as above.

That was it.
Now I can use my parallel port on my A1K as I would with my A500 or A1200.

I don't expect to do much composite digitizing :-), but possibly I can see a PLIPBox in the future...
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You should play with that DCTV - I just did a video on using it, and I have fallen in love with it again. Do a search on "10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast" on Youtube and you will find it. I would like to see some of the images you capture with it!

I was always under the impression that it was just a Gender issue with the A1000 - interesting to find out that there are other differences. To this day I still kick myself for selling my A1000 two years ago - I hope the person who bought it on Ebay is happy with it, though!
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Originally Posted by Dynamic_Computi View Post
You should play with that DCTV - I just did a video on using it, and I have fallen in love with it again. Do a search on "10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast" on Youtube and you will find it. I would like to see some of the images you capture with it!!
I'll check that out! Thanx!
Love my DCTV (although I haven't done much image capture with it).
The image quality is incredible on the pics I've seen.

I actually didn't have one back in the day, but I did have a HAM-E board from Black Belt Systems (which was similar in the display quality/ability; no capture tho).
There were financial reasons that were pretty valid for me selling all my Amiga stuff when I did, but part of me really wishes I could have found another way to keep them.
I've never even seen another HAM-E in the wild or on Ebay.
(Although I can see that the DCTV is a nicer, more polished solution now that I have that..)
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