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Overclocking Picasso IV?

I finally got my Picasso IV and was trying to remember how to overclock it via the tool types. I set the tool types via the PVS Prefs tool and it still shows 80.5MHz. It's been about 10 years since I had one and vaigly recall I had to do a work around to actually get it to overclock. (Hex edit the monitor file?) On my CV64 I had no problems. I am using the Picasso 96 RTG system. Anyone know how?

Board 0: PicassoIV
Chip: Cirrus Logic GD5446
DAC: Cirrus Logic GD5446 (intern)
RegisterBase: 0x40600000
MemoryBase: 0x41000000
MemorySize: 4161536
BitsPerCannon: 6

This board supports:
following rgb formats:
hardware sprite,
software sprite buffer,
planar and chunky memory exclusive,
hardware vblank interrupt can be caused,
User selectable flags:
overclocking enabled,
memory clock set to 80.5 MHz,
big sprite used,
soft sprite in mode depth 4, 8, 15, 16, 24, 32,
system borderblank used,
board is part of the display chain,
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Editing the video modes via P96 settings?
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If you don't have a very particular need for increasing the speed of the Picasso IV (which I find hard to believe, given the applications available for such a system), I would urge you to seriously consider leaving it at stock speed. However intriguing the challenge, wouldn't it be like adding fuel injection to a Ford model T and risking damage in the process?
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Didn't it give 10 MHz more to the max pixel clock, 85 =>95 and 135 =>145 MHz?
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Sorry for necro’ing an old thread, but is that how you overclock the pixel clock - edit the picasso96 settings file in a hex editor?
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Tick Overclock in PVS - can't say with which cards it does work. My faint memory with my tries was getting fluctuating pixels so the benefit was small.
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