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crusader of light

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Personally I think Paul_s is a closet Atari boy anyway, he should go out and get a 1040STe
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Stuck in the 80s

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Originally Posted by Mick_AKA View Post
Personally I think Paul_s is a closet Atari boy anyway, he should go out and get a 1040STe
What! I used to argue with people (and still do) the great Amiga Vs. Atari debate Atari suxz

how cool would it be to have a court case for causing a breach of the peace and the excuse being Amiga vs. Atari war
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Originally Posted by viddi View Post
Well, as far as I know, they produced new cases. This might help to prevent yellowing.
They are the same case, just rebadged.
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AmiBay MegaMod
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C=..... you will be assimilated into the Commodore collective..... resistance is futile........

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Old 05 March 2008, 12:49   #25
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Go for the AT Amiga 1200.

Then do a search on Aminet, there is a fairly simple fix that you can do on the floppy drive.

You'll then have KS 3.1 roms AND a fully working A1200 that loads nDOS disks
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Old 05 March 2008, 15:23   #26
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Of course a Commodore machine. Silly question, Paul.
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Old 05 March 2008, 16:59   #27
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But always nice to have both
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Old 05 March 2008, 20:02   #28
Phone Zen
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From a collectors point of view I'd lean heavily towards the Commodore one. 20 years down the road, someone that's getting nostalgic would probably prefer the Commodore one, not just for the name, but because (even if it isn't entirely true) it would seem to have no compatibility issues.

Were I to get an Atari 2600 now, I'd want the very original, not one of those they tried to resurrect in the mid-80s for a cheap price. The value difference is minimal (having a quick look on ebay, the all black 4 switch is about $10, wood grain 4 switch $15, wood grain 6 switch (earliest) is $20) but that's the idea. It's also the case that systems generally aren't as valuable as rare games (speaking in old console terms anyway).

But production run does figure in, too. If there were very few non-Commodore ones, the value might increase. But you're looking at demand overall. Non-collectors (someone that has some cash burning a hole in their pocket and thinks "Man I used to love to play games on the Amiga") or casual collectors will want just one Amiga, and would aim for a Commodore. But a serious collector would want both for completeness and if there are few AT machines out there, the value would be high. If there's a bunch, probably little to no demand.

From the standpoint of 'which is better' then you might figure in 3.1, the floppy, reliability and age, stuff like that. But that only figures in from a collector's point of view if it changes demand somehow.
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Stuck in the 80s

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After reading through posts I think I'd plump for the original again.

Although after all this I may end up buying an original 4000 as I could really go to town on that upgrade wise curses choosing. I'm slowly turning into BinoX
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Old 12 March 2008, 05:21   #30
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I unwittingly bought the AT version and thought the floppy was broke when certain games wouldn't load. Fixed now of course.
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