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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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WinUAE 2.3.1 released

WinUAE 2.3.1 released (26.02.2011)


New features:

- Gamepad joystick type for games that support 2nd fire button but can't read it without pullup resistor. (for example Aladdin)
- Manual filter configuration fully implemented.
- Autoresolution supported (automatically selects lowest used resolution on the fly)
- MIDI device names are stored in configuration file.


- Custom chipset undocumented feature compatibility updates. (For example Magic Demo / Diabolics, MoreNewStuffy by PlasmaForce, Kefrens Party Intro by Wiz)
- M68K AROS compatible IDE and RTG emulation.
- Statefile compatiblity updates. (Initial audio glitches, mouse counters updated correctly, CPU exact mid-instruction state saved, active disk DMA state saved)
- New filter defaults, 1x (not FS) and always scale if selected screen/window size is very small or large enough.
- Auto resize and center filter modes 1x/2x.. modifiers now adjust window size.
- Attempt to load disk image and harddisk paths in state files from current directory, current adf/hardfile path and finally state file directory if original path or file is missing.
- SCSI emulation physical drive tray load/eject passthrough.
- SCSI emulation CD audio support improved. (for example T-Zero and The Shadow of the Third Moon)
- Clipboard sharing disable option in GUI.

2.3.0 bugs fixed:

- Audio pitch errors if audio period rate was near minimum audio DMA limit.
- Very heavy CPU usage if program continuously plays really short audio samples.
- ROM scanner again detects *.rom files in root directory.
- Sample ripper works again.

Bugs fixed:

- Directory filesystem was slow on most modern multicore systems.
- CDTV CDA playback didn't work if play ending track was set to last track. (Prehistorik CDTV)
- 2352 byte sector plain ISO images didn't mount correctly.
- Some drives had problems reading Mode 2 Form 1 data tracks.
- SPTI+SCSI SCAN didn't detect any non-CD devices (broke in 2.2.1)
- Automatic resize filter didn't always work correctly.
- Topmost scanline was usually not visible in autoscale modes.
- GamePorts parallel port joystick configuration crash fix.
- Random RTG color errors when switching to/from fullscreen 8-bit RTG modes.
- Archive mounting crashed if something prevented complete unpack (for example non-dos dms image file)
- Harddrive state files didn't save correctly if more than one harddrive was configured.
- A2065 Z2 board emulation fixes. (Lost interrupts, broadcast packets getting ignored, transmitter dropping big packets.)
- A500 power led fade tricks really work now.
- HRTMon didn't work in cycle-exact modes.

And more...

(This was supposed to be released December 2010 but then AROS m68k and other things happened..)
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Old 26 February 2011, 16:18   #2
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Many Thanks Toni!
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HOL/FTP data slave master

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Cheers Toni
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Old 26 February 2011, 16:53   #4
I Identify as an Ewok
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Excellent!! Thanks.
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Old 26 February 2011, 16:59   #5
This is the way...

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Thanks, Toni.
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Old 26 February 2011, 18:47   #6
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Thanks a lot for another great release.
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Paranoid Amigoid

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Awesome Toni! Thanks a lot
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Ruler of the Universe

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Fantastic. Going fast to install it. Thanks!

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Thank you very much, Toni!!
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New year, first release. Thanks for your continued efforts towards perfection, Toni.
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Old 27 February 2011, 01:18   #11
Carlos Ace
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Thanks Toni for your effort.
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Amazing Bloke!
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Ace! Thanks Toni!
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The 1 who ribbits
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Yeah! Many thanks again!
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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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Thanks Toni
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Well appreciated!!!
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Graham Humphrey
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Nicely done
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Old 27 February 2011, 23:32   #18
Zone Friend

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Everything working great - Thanks Toni!
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Old 28 February 2011, 21:24   #19
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good & great!! thk toni!!
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Narf the Mouse
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Congrats, Toni Wilen

Just updated to 2.3.1 and it's considerably faster and more responsive, while using less CPU resources.

Just a thank-you for WinUAE.
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