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Aegis Animator

Jim Kent released the source code for Aegis Animator under MIT. Sadly the amiga GUI part was missing from the Archive (the logic and the Atari part is there). But still a interesting story how it was developed on Amiga, and why the author left for Atari

Historically the first version of the Animator was developed on a Sun
workstation in parallel to the Amiga hardware development. We got
some of the first wire-wrapped versions of the hardware at Island
Graphics where I was working when I developed the Animator. We'd have
to download the code over a relatively slow link. It was a real
improvement when the Amiga got to the point where it could save things
to disk so I could test the program multiple times without the long

The Amiga operating system was pretty flaky. It was trying to
multitask without memory protection hardware, so if your application
had a bug (or somebody else's application had a bug) it could write to
the operating system code space, and if the operating system had a
bug it could write to yours. So, to protect things I'd flip the
write-protect tab on the floppy disk after the download and before
testing. About a week later I found out that the write-protect
involved a hardware sensor, but it was up to the operating system not
the disk drive to enforce it. In one system crash it spewed random
bits all over the write-protected floppy.

It sure was nice having 32 colors though and being able to do video
recording right off of the computer video output! Overall the
experience did remove any desire to develop software for a system that
was not already available in stores on my part though!"
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