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WB 3.1.4 instalator detects A2000 instead of A500 (WinUAE)

Hello fellow Amigans,

I have a weird issue (or maybe this is not an issue at all) during my WB 3.1.4 setup. Here is a full back-story. I'm resurrecting an A500 of my cousin - recapping, Protein A500 accelerator card installation, fixing his Philips CM8833-II, etc. The next step is to prepare an CF card with 3.1.4 and some apps like WHDLoad, ProTracker, etc. I have decided to install WB 3.1.4 on HDF first, setup everything in WinUAE, and then prepare an CF card, and then copy all the HDF content to CF.

Here is my WinUAE 4.2.1 setup:

This is a pretty much "stock" A500 WinUAE config template with 2 exceptions:
  • Kick 3.1 which is mandatory for Protein in order do have a working IDE
  • A slightly bumped RAM setup to have at least 2MB which is minimum requirement for WB 3.1.4.
After I run 3.1.4 installation, I get a prompt to put in ModulesA2000_3.1.4 instead of ModulesA500_3.1.4. I have tried a different Chip/Slow RAM combinations (I was suspecting that this might be a point of non-stock A500 config detection), but no luck.

Any idea why this is happening? Should I continue with A2000 variant installation and then replace the files from A500 ADF?

Any suggestion how to approach this are welcome
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Dont worry, it is not an issue.

The A500 and A2000 are virtually identical from a programming point of view. Their Modules disk is actually the same.
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Toni Wilen
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Yeah and AFAIK there is no way to software detect if hardware is unexpanded A500 or A2000.
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Thank you for you comments. Indeed seems that this is not a problem at all - a CF works like a charm on a real A500.
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Thomas Richter
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Originally Posted by Tomarkus View Post
Any idea why this is happening? Should I continue with A2000 variant installation and then replace the files from A500 ADF?
No worries about that. The algorithm to tell the A500 apart from the A2000 is that whenever an autoconfiguring hardware is found, it is an A500. Now, what UAE does is that it adds its own extensions into the expansion database of autoconfig hardware, and for that reason, it is seen as an A500. Note that the A500 does not have a Zorro slot and thus would not have autoconfig hardware.

The modules of the A2000, A500 and A600 are all identical anyhow. There are only very few modules left that are hardware dependent: The exec.library, the scsi.device and the expansion.library. graphics, utility and mathieeesingbas used to be different as well, but this difference is gone.
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