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Best Amiga golf game?

I remember enjoying Nick Faldo golf.
How does it compare to the rest of the Amig golf stable?

HOL search theme “sport - golf” may be others...
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...not really a true golf game in the sense; but I love Zany Golf
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Sensible Golf for me
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PGA European Tour AGA is my favourite golf game
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move.l #$c0ff33,throat

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PGA Tour Golf is great and I also still love the old Leader Board Golf.
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links and PGA AGA
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Mean 18! Reason: ... well it was the only golf game I actually had, got it for free with a mag I think. Played it for ages with my brother. Looks like garbage but it was fun nonetheless.
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PGA Euro Tour Golf is probably the best all round golf game on Amiga.
Nick Faldo's could be second, but first if you consider platform exclusivity.

For a slightly different, less serious approach, Sensible Golf is amazing, really.

For being downright silly, Zany Golf is unbeatable.

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PGA Euro for me.... I liked Sensi but it's not exactly a deep game of golf.
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PGA European Tour - Best game!! I remember doing a crazy hole in one once. A swinging ball hit the flag pole and ball went in. It was a moment I've never forgotten.

Zany Golf - For fun golf. That springy hamburger lol
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Originally Posted by stainy View Post
Sensible Golf for me
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Not sure if they are the "best" but played quite a lot with Leader Board and later with PGA Tour Golf. Zany Golf for the mini-golf

On the PC : Links / On GameCube : Mario Golf
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The same for me, Leader Board and PGA Tour Golf... I also love Zany golf!
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+1 for Nick Faldo
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Originally Posted by stainy View Post
Sensible Golf for me
There were other golf games on amiga?!
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PGA European Tour Golf was good, Microprose Golf was ok but slow, but surprisingly for a Grandslam game, Nick Faldo was pretty good and had great presentation.
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Mean 18. Nothing compares.
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+1 for Mean 18. Great game. Also multitasks! It was quite simple to modify the SCA crack to run off the HD on a 2.x-> machine. :-)
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J.M.D - Bedroom Musician

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[a bit OT]
If that mode-7 pseudo routine would be finalized someone could try to code a game similar to the Golfing Greats arcade
[/a bit OT]
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Golf on amiga:

18 Hole Golf (1993 S Garside)
Challenge Golf (1991 J Chown/OnLine)
Championship Golf (1986 Interplay/Activision)
Golf Excellence (Beyond Arts)
International Open Golf (1993 RISC/Ocean)
Jack Nicklaus (1989-90 Sculptured/Accolade)
Leader Board (1986-88 Sculptured/US Gold)
Links The Challenge of Golf (1992 Access/US Gold)
Mean 18 (1986 Microsmiths/Accolade)
MicroProse Golf / Greens (1991 Thought Train/Microprose)
Nick Faldo’s Championship Golf (1993-94 Arc/Grandslam)
Park Sports Golf (1998 Park Productions)
PGA European Tour (1994 Dome/Ocean)
PGA Tour Golf (1991-94 Bluesky/Electronic Arts)
Pitch ‘N’ Putt (1996 P Phelps)
Ryder cup Johnnie Walker (1993-94 RISC/Ocean)
Sensible Golf (1995 Sensible/Virgin)
Tee Off (1991 Energize)
Tournament Golf (1990 Movietime/Elite)
Ultimate Golf / Greg Norman’s (1990 Gremlin)
World Class Leader Board (1988 Starbuck/US Gold)
World Golf / International Golf (1995-96 D Kirk/Islona)
World Tour Golf (1988 Tanager/Electronic Arts)

Mini Golf:
Hole In One / Amy Putt / Mini Golf (1988 Digitek)
Mini Golf Plus (1988 Starbyte)
Will Harvey’s Zany Golf (1989 Sandcastle/Electronic Arts)

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