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Is been along time comming

Have not posted for some years now.. (cant even remember my original user name)
Winuae has come along way since 0.xx

I got me the 1st Amiga 500 to enter the country back in the day and never looked back..

went all the way upto the A1200 along the way..
Invested in AMOS and produced some neat amiga apps..

Now with Winuae @ v2.xx and pcs running at Ghz as appose to Mhz its nearly impossible to tell the difference between and real amiga and whats been emulated.

My favorites along the way where
bubble bobble
espirit turbo
Lemmings(just the best ever)
rock and roll
shadow of the beast
buggy boy
giana sisters
rainbow islands
pinball fantasies
pinball dreams
Ports of call
and one PD game called DRIP
the list goes on but you get the idea
Not sure how many of you come from this generation (are you all even still alive? lol )
for me it was the best ever and still lives on with with Uae
Great!! work!

So are all you guys on here now just virtul amiga freaks or do you also have history with the amiga?

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Old retro god.

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Me, I'm one of the old guard, I've been with computing and games systems since the day they were formed, I started out on a ZX80 and owned many of the computers inc Atari 8bit, C64 and Amiga.

The Atari's were my my job as well, I wrote for mags, sold the machines, gave support on them , got games published and was around the whole scene on both sides of the fence.

Totally loved my Amiga 1200 with 68030, 8mb ram 80mg HD, sad to see it go but needed the cash, still own many of my older machines tho.

Now Winuae is my Amiga and its a work of art...Toni's work is nothing short of stunning..

All he needs to add is an auto playing bot for the hard games as my reactions are not as good as they were
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yeah me too..
I started with the Vic 20 moved along to C=64 then C=128 skipped Amiga 1000 and finally landed on the Amiga 500 and moved right though up to the 1200.

Music was my main forte with SoundTracker and MusicX being king
Octamed offered something different but it was all good.
Amiga was so far ahead in this field especially with the ability to use digital sound (samples)
I then wrote my own app for sound manipulation called pro digital player which had some interesting features for its time which I placed on Aminet.
and a few others along the way.
EasyGuide turns text into AmigaGuide format
Mindfield Tough little puzzle game

For me these where the best times but with the power of the pc now its all comming back thanks to Winuae.

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