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What do you emulate except Amiga ?

Hi guys

Just as curiosity, i want to know which systems do you emulate on your computer (or what else)

Personally speaking in the past i also emulated:

Playstation One, C64, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo

Nowadays i'm always busy with Amiga emulation (WinUAE), all others systems are gone
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In computers - The Spectrum range of 8bits. Occasionally the C64 but only for gaming.

I have a Pi4 in an arcade cab running RetroPie with 128GB of games for various systems ranging from 2600 to N64/PSX.
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Too many to name but:
  • Arcade via MAME.
  • WinUAE.
  • FM Towns.
  • NES.
  • SNES.
  • Nintendo 64.
  • PC Engine.
  • Playstation.
  • Playstation 2.
  • Sega Megadrive.
  • ...others which I can't be bothered listing.
The ones in bold are what I use very regularly
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I use Mame and BlueMSX mostly. Amiga is nice but quite a few games are just unbeatable in their original arcade form. And the MSX has quite a unique software library with kick ass games.

Dosbox of course.

Atari 2600 is something I emulate from time to time for nostalgia reasons (t'was my first gaming machine I could call all my own). I can't play those games for very long so I just tend to cycle through a few of them in like half an hour and then I move on to games with smaller pixels and less noisy audio
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Not that much really, but occasionally SNES on a Raspberry Pi, Atari 800XL on various systems (including Amiga), and Nintendo Gamecube on PC with the excellent Dolphin.

Not sure if it counts, but I regularly run Wii games on the Wii U, and Gamecube games on the Wii...

Back in the day I also played a few Gameboy games on the Amiga. Dabbled with the Mastersystem emulator too, which worked well graphically but the sound quality let it down.
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Amstrad CPC
Atari 8bit
Atari ST
BBC Micro (this is where Elite started )
Commodore 64
IBM PC (original, Jr and compatible)
FM Towns
Sharp x68000
Vic 20
ZX Spectrum

Atari 2600
Nintendo 64
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo NES
Nintendo SNES
Sega SMS
Sega MD/Genesis/CD
Sega Saturn
Sony PS1

Nintendo GB/GBC/GBA
Sega GG
Sony PSP

Arcade games

Last few weeks I am converting my PS2 games into ISOs to use them with PS2 with HD. I will also try emulating PS2 (never tried before). Will try also emulating PS3 and Wii. (just to lazy to ISO games)

I also tried emulating Dragon 32/64 and few others that I forgot to mention, mostly just to prove it can be done.

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Ps3 just lately.

I build mame once every couple of week but don't ever play any games, just cannot be arsed.

Too many games in my steam library calling my name at present.

This is what I have ready to go should the mood take hold.

Hatari (Atari ST/TT/Falcon)
KegaFusion (Sega Megadrive)
Project64 (Nintendo 64)
Steem SSE (Atari ST)
WinVICE (8 bit Commodore)

Needless to say some of these haven't been used for a good couple of years now

I don't actually find old game that interesting at the moment, if I fire up WinUAE it will be to install something or mess around in the OS, not to play a game.
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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
I don't actually find old game that interesting at the moment, if I fire up WinUAE it will be to install something or mess around in the OS, not to play a game.

Every few months I would go through old mags, and when that happens I would start playing some old games. Last mag I went through was Computer and Video Games and that went from Vic20/C64/ZX Spectrum and Arcade games all the way through Sony PS1/Sega Saturn... around 200 issues.

I have an original iPad that can't do much except display mags at the moment.


BTW, I am moving my launchbox setup to new computer, adding few more games/systems.
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Amiga (FS-UAE), MAME, DosBox, ScummVM (even though it is not strictly an emulator) NES, SNES, Sega Genesis/Megadrive (through Retroarch)
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C64 + C128 and some other CBM machines via VICE

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