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Guide for installing 4.1FE update 1 and altering config after?

Is there a guide for those with a working OS4.1FE (non-update1) to install the update from within a current setup, then after reboot, making the alterations needed to take advantage of the new features?

I was able to get the update1 file from amiupdate (halting extraction/auto-install and copying the lha archive), but when I run it after extracting to the harddrive, all goes well, but after reboot, it is stuck on pink screen.

Will try to gather a log shortly. Just curious if this means something obvious.

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I'm don't know why a few are having issues (locked on pink screen at boot) but I'd seriously just try a new config and new install of 4.1. It doesn't take that long to setup and see if there was something in your OS 4.1 changes that was causing the issue or not.

Start a basic config, just enough to get the system up and running. You can always "add" more hardware to the config just like doing so to a real Amiga
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+1 to SnkBitten's comment above. I suspect a lot of this has to do with some sort of custom configuraiton - bus boards, maybe GREX, who knows. I was able to make this work consistently with a relatively "basic" initial OS4.1FE Classic installation using PIV and A2065 as my only real add-ons.

That said, don't add the extra Z3 memory until you're able to update the S:Startup-Sequence line.
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I've had issues with pink screen and rebooting over and over with OS4.1FE ... It always came back to a RAM issue. Move RAM to the minimum amt to run the emulation and as esc states don't add the extra mem until the update is completed.

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I was having the same issue (pink screen) until I configured 4 banks of Z3 of 512MB, 256MB, 128MB and 64MB. Make sure you keep chip memory at 2MB and zero out everything else except Z3 Ran. Also in the card order Put Z3 first followed by everything else.
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Pink screen issues is mostly related to your x86 config and windows you use. For example on some old notebook , WinXP and 32bit winuae i can have only 128mb of z3 ram, anything else or more -> pink screens and co.

But, exactly the same config (i mean 1:1 exactly the same), but on windows7 and more recent x86, give me ability to use 768mb of z3 ram (more -> pink screens).

So, you better have fast and last enough x86, something like 64 bit windows and 64 bit version of winuae, then you can have even more than 1gb of z3 ram without pink screens.
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